How To Train Your Dog’s Intelligence

It is possible to improve the cognitive, emotional and social skills of dogs, which, in the end, will help them to be well educated and preserve their physical and mental health. There are many toys and activities to help train your dog’s intelligence.
How to train your dog's intelligence

Dogs are naturally sensitive and intelligent beings, capable of learning a wide variety of tasks, tricks and diverse activities. However, like humans, they  must be well educated and encouraged to develop their cognitive, emotional and social power. Below, we suggest that you know some ways to train your dog’s intelligence.

discovering the outside world

Dogs, like us, use their senses to perceive and understand their environment. Every time they walk, our pets “discover” a whole world of stimuli and sensations. They also meet other animals and people, which allows them to exercise their sociability.

Therefore,  outdoor walks are essential for stimulating your best friend’s sensory, cognitive and social skills.  In addition to helping them maintain a healthy weight and prevent many degenerative diseases.

Training is the best way to train your dog’s intelligence

Training is the most complete exercise a dog can receive. By teaching basic obedience commands, we will be making your mind work to learn, memorize and perform various tasks. In addition, this knowledge will be essential to respect the rules of the home and know how to live together positively.

Toys to train your dog’s intelligence without leaving the house

As mentioned earlier,  physical activity is essential to preserving your dog’s physical and mental health. But we can also stimulate their intelligence without leaving the house, and with this we can keep our dog entertained during our absence.

beagle playing with ball

There are many  interactive toys that allow our furry ones to exercise their sensory and cognitive abilities. In addition to helping us train them, these accessories also combat the symptoms of stress, boredom, and separation anxiety.

There are many types of games that are  excellent allies for mental stimulation of our furry ones. These four have already proven their effectiveness:

1. The ‘TIC TAC’ framework

This intelligence game is a classic, there are versions with different names available on the market. The physical toy basically consists of  a small plate that has openings with revolving doors at the top. When the dog turns the revolving doors with its muzzle or paw, the  ‘Tic Tac’  dispenses a candy.

The objective is to make the dog understand, memorize and perform the task that must be done to win his prize. It may sound simple, but it is very beneficial for our furry friends.

  • First, it lets you keep them active and entertained when we’re away.
  • Second, it helps to regulate the eating habits of dogs that eat too fast and have digestive problems.
  • It also stimulates the sense of smell, so it is highly recommended in our pet’s early ages.

    2. The Kong

This simple toy is very useful to train your dog’s intelligence and prevent separation anxiety. It also helps to teach dogs good eating habits, preventing them from eating too quickly and swallowing too much air.

dog and owner

Before offering Kong to your dog, you should put food or treats inside the hole. The objective is for the animal to “discover” how to get the food out of Kong’s interior to earn its reward.

As it is a safe accessory,  we can leave it within reach of the dog even during our absence. In fact, the toy is only designed for dogs that are alone for a long time and need to keep mentally active.

3. Bionic toys for dogs full of energy

Bionic toys employ mechanical and engineering techniques to simulate the movements of a living being. They are an excellent “company” for those furry ones who don’t have a little brother or sister to play with. Their materials are generally flexible and resistant to bites.

There are many different formats and proposals in the universe of bionic toys for dogs. The  ideal is to choose an object suitable for the size and age of our pet.

4. The ‘cube ball’

The logic of the “cube ball” game is very similar to Kong’s. The objective is for the dog to find out how to remove the ball from inside the cube. This activity is incredibly fun and challenging for our friends’ minds.

While these games and activities may seem simple, for dogs, they are real challenges; with them, it is possible to increase the  ability  of our friends to  act.

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