How To Tell If Your Dog Loves You Madly

How to know if your dog loves you madly

We are certain that, for your pet, you are one of the most important beings in their world. You know your dog loves you because he is an expressive animal. But to be 100% sure your feelings are grand and true, check out this article. You will know that your dog loves you madly!

How do you know if your dog loves you madly?

Many dog ​​owners ask themselves this question. By not expressing feelings in words, we often wonder if our relationship with the pet is one of love or convenience (it only appears when it’s hungry or when you have a gift to give it). If your dog does at least one of the following things, it means he loves you madly:

1. Stares at you


Sometimes you’re doing something at home and suddenly you find your pet staring at you, as if he wants to put a spell on you. The same happens when they are playing or when he sleeps beside you. It’s an excellent sign! When a dog stares at you, it releases a hormone (oxytocin), the same hormone that mothers make when they see their children.

2. Yawns at the same time

We already know that yawns are contagious and that if we see someone doing it, we’ll do it too, almost in unison. But things don’t work the same with animals (which also yawn when they’re sleepy). Your dog watches you for a good part of the day, as we’ve explained before, so if after you open your mouth to yawn, he does the same, it means he empathizes with you and there’s a strong bond between them.

3. Lean on your lap

You are sitting on the sofa or in a chair in the living room. All of a sudden, your dog comes to you and rests your head in your lap. Possibly you will also do it on the foot, arm or chest, depending on the situation. What does it means? That he loves you madly! You are looking for protection and affection and you know that only you can provide it. If this isn’t a show of love, then what is?

4. Looks for you after eating

Food is one of the most important things in an animal’s life, that’s for sure you already know. If your furry, after finishing his dinner, goes over to you and asks you to cuddle, that’s something to really consider. Why? Because that means that after food… the second most important thing in his life is you!

5. Receives you with great joy

It could be that you’ve only been out for five minutes to buy something at the store across the street or to take out the trash, possibly to hang out on the clothesline… it doesn’t matter, because when you return your pet throws a party like it’s birthday not to see him. It moves its tail frantically, it jumps here and there, it licks, barks, it throws itself on the ground… all these are signs that indicate its happiness and its love for you.

6. Lick you

kiss dog

Perhaps this is not something you like very much, but it is an animal’s way of expressing its affection. Every time he licks you (especially on the face) he is showing that he is part of his family, that he loves you and that you are very important to him.

The same happens when it smells you incessantly (especially in “aromatic” areas, like the feet). why does he do this? Because it’s a way of knowing how you are, as well as telling him that he likes your distinctive scent.

7. Follow you to the bathroom

You get up from the couch to go find a sandwich in the kitchen and your dog follows, as if it were your shadow. You go from bed to bathroom… and he’s already there as a bodyguard. It doesn’t matter that you only move a few steps to pick up an object, it will follow. The reason is very simple: your dog loves you too much to be without you, even if it’s only a minute without you.

8. Offer comfort because he loves you

Dogs are the best medicine we have available. If you are sad, depressed, tired or sick, your pet becomes what you need to make you feel good again. Do not forget that animals are very sensitive beings and that they are aware of everything that happens to their owners. So if he lays down beside you when you’re in bed or if he licks you when you cry, your dog loves you madly.

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