How To Prepare A Space For Your Horse?

How to prepare a space for your horse?

Preparing a space for your horse goes far beyond providing just grazing, food and water.  These animals have special needs to achieve the optimal development of their species. It’s about being able to fulfill the expectations of your owner, rider, owner or friend.

The Benefits of Owning a Horse

Acquiring a horse is investing not only in relaxation, fun and mobility. These animals are excellent for helping children’s physical and intellectual development. Also in recovery from accidents with motor consequences.

In addition,  many physical activities can be carried out in the company of horses.  Riding is the best known and has several competition modalities, official or not.

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However,  before purchasing or rescuing an animal of this size, it is important to be informed.  It is important to know the main cares for your health and prepare a space for your horse in the best possible way.

How to prepare a space for your horse?

A sad reality is the number of horses abused or killed every day thanks to the inhuman exploitation of their workforce. The unconscious use of animals in circuses, races, games, transporting people and cargo is intolerable. And it poses a major risk to the health and survival of many species.

Therefore,  the principles of responsible ownership do not just apply to small domestic pets. Owners of horses and large animals must meet the basic needs for the healthy development of a horse and take proper care in raising them.

The 4 fundamental cares in raising a horse

  1. Adequate nutrition and enhanced hydration

As with all large mammals,  horses need increased hydration to keep their metabolism active and their stamina. Especially considering that the fields have high temperatures during the summer. It is therefore necessary to supply fresh, clean water at all times.

Feeding must be adequate for the size, age and activity of the animal. A horse raised in the field can graze more than 15 hours a day. This is because your digestive system needs a high supply of forage to function properly.

The space for your horse must have a specific area for feeding and hydration. And the water must be changed 2 to 3 times a day, avoiding the accumulation of residues and dirt in the liquid.

In addition, breeding a horse in reduced or controlled environments must take into account the amount of forage provided. Food should be stored in a dry environment and protected from excessive sunlight, to preserve its quality and freshness.

  1. Dry spaces to rest and socialize

Horses prefer dry places to rest or sleep during the night and day.  The space for your horse should have a warm, dry area. This is so that he feels comfortable and safe to compose himself and prepare for his activities.

Another important aspect in the healthy development of a horse is the moments of interaction and coexistence with its peers. Therefore, it is necessary to reserve a space for the animals to live together or take them to a place where they can be integrated.

  1. Space for beauty and hygiene care

Horses need a lot of care with their hygiene. Especially with the coat and hooves. Your fur requires periodic brushing, shaving and bathing to keep it beautiful and healthy. The hooves must also be cleaned, with care, so as not to harm the animal.

The space for your horse must have an appropriate and protected place for periodic cleaning of the animal. It is a rule that applies to all types of stables, regardless of size.

  1. Provide affection and affection

It is necessary to understand that  horses require attention and affection. Same as small pets. They are sensitive, delicate, intelligent and sociable animals. That’s why they deserve to be treated with nobility and dignity.

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Taking time to provide affection and affection is an indispensable part of planning space for your horse. It is recommended to think of a place where humans can live comfortably with animals.

As with all domestic animals, horses should also periodically visit a veterinarian. It is necessary to take the necessary exams to check your health status. It is most advisable that the space for your horse includes a specific environment where the animal feels safe to be examined.

Preparing a space for your horse requires knowledge and dedication. Therefore, it may be a good option to consult specialists in raising these animals for information.

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