How To Make Your Dog Answer Your Call

How to make your dog answer your call

Would you like your dog to always answer when you call or not be so naughty? So, read the following article, where we’ll tell you some tricks so that your pet doesn’t get in trouble, disturb people or be in danger if you don’t hear your calls.

How to make your dog always answer your call?


Many pet owners say they don’t know how to make them respond to your call, whether at home, at the park or at the vet. In order to achieve this goal, we must first know what this “call” would be. Basically, it’s something fun or interesting enough for your pet to leave what they’re doing and come back to your side.

Seeing it this way, it seems an interesting challenge and makes us think, for example, that if we call our dog screaming, with an authoritative voice and demonstrating that he has done something wrong… It will be almost impossible for him to obey you and run to the your side.

The dog’s mind is very simple. It works with actions and reactions. Situation 1: “my owner is calling me angry. I sure did something wrong. Better not to go”. Situation 2: “my owner is calling me in a soft voice. There’s definitely something good for me. I’ll run.” It’s a matter of logic.

Make your dog always attend to you

With the previous idea, more or less, you will understand what is good and what is wrong in your task of calling the dog, and you will get him to pay attention to you. In the category of what not to do, we find these attitudes or habits:

  1. call in an infuriated tone

Who would want to leave everything they’re doing (especially if it’s fun) to answer a call if they’re going to scold us ? Imagine this situation in your work. You’re busy talking to your colleagues and the boss shouts at you to alert you that you’ve been way overdue in delivering some reports. Would you like to go to your office? Well, it’s the same with the dog!

  1. just call him to come home

If you take him out for a walk in the park and let him socialize freely with other dogs (without wearing a leash) you will certainly not pay attention to his call, because that means returning to his loneliness and the boredom of home. To avoid this reaction, you should call him several times during the tour with the simple purpose of greeting him, congratulating him or giving him a toy.

  1. repeat the call several times

If you tell him “come” or call him by name, and after two seconds the animal continues to act the same way, don’t call him again. Let the dog analyze this word and relate it to going towards you. With practice, you won’t have to wait that long or repeat the call dozens of times.

  1. Challenge him for not answering the first call

Once your pet gets back to your side, you have to congratulate him. He doesn’t understand that he took too long to pay attention to the call and links his act of answering the call with punishment. So, next time, he won’t come!

Next, see the attitudes you should have with your dog so that he pays attention to your calls:

  1. offer you something in return

Pets “work” very well in the rewards system (and punishments, but that’s not the case). So every time he does something right, he should get a gift. It doesn’t have to be food or a toy, but at least a caress, a treat or a congratulation.

  1. Play calling you so that your dog will always answer you


That the act of calling is not always a matter of command, it can also be included in the games. For example, hide behind a tree or a piece of furniture or whatever and say his name so that he will look for you.

Even when the animal is in danger, it should not intuit that they are challenging it, as it will not obey. If, for example, we don’t want him to cross the street without our permission, you can gently call him to come to you and not be frightened (crossing the street in a dangerous way).

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