How To Interpret The Dog’s Bark?

How to interpret the dog's bark?

The canine species has great intelligence and acumen. Dogs are always smart when it comes to expressing their desires and emotions. It is up to the human being to interpret the dog’s bark correctly.

Dogs communicate with people through different sounds. Howls, grunts and barks with different sounds are often the most common. Through these sounds, the dog tries to express its emotions and feelings. To know how to interpret a dog’s bark, you need to consider several factors.

Not all barks mean the same thing. Furthermore, howls and grunts also have their own meaning. It is necessary to analyze very well the characteristic of the sound emitted by the dog to know its meaning.

How to interpret dog bark, howl and grunt


There are several different types of bark that a dog is capable of emitting. To interpret the dog’s bark, it is necessary to identify the characteristics of the emitted sound very well:

Dog bark when it's short and sharp

  • Dog bark when it’s short and sharp: it ‘s a friendly bark. Dogs usually emit it to greet someone or another animal. It is very common to hear him when he gets married.
  • Dog bark when it is short and low in tone: it happens when there is a feeling of danger. Dogs bark uncontrollably at new or strange events. The noise of fireworks or the presence of a stranger in the house can cause the dog to make this type of bark.
  • Discontinued Dog Bark: This happens when the dog is too excited or too happy. The animal barks in a discontinuous way, in order for someone to take it out of the house, or to play with it.
  • Repetitive and insistent barking These types of barks are emitted by trained dogs, whether hunting or rescue dogs. When a dog barks like that, it means it has found something.
  • Other barks: As they get older, it’s normal for dogs to bark more intensely and more often. This is caused by the deafness they suffer, making them unable to regulate their own sounds.

In addition to barking, dogs also emit howls to communicate. There are different types of howls.


Generally, a dog’s howl represents pain. It could be pain he is feeling or someone else’s pain.

  • Long, continuous howl : This type of howl expresses the fear and pain the dog feels. It may be accompanied by discontinuous barking.
  • Howl in conjunction with other dogs: it is a signal given with the aim of marking a certain territory.
  • A puppy’s moan: it is a sign that represents a complaint. He is demanding attention and affection.
  • Imitation howl: Imitation  howls are intended to imitate other sounds. These are usually sounds heard at the moment. Sirens, ambulances, police patrols, whatever the dog is listening to at any given time. A dog’s ear is very sensitive, so it can easily pick up other types of frequencies.
  • Other howls: some howls also signify depression and anxiety felt by the animal.

Also, the barks, howls and grunts have their own meaning.


They are less common than barking and howling, but dogs also growl.

dog bark and grunt

  • Soft, low-pitched growl : It ‘s a threatening growl. The dog is demanding space. If you don’t respect him, you will have to suffer the consequences. It is a growl emitted, usually at playtime.
  • Grunt-bark: this mixture, in a low tone and directed at another animal, signifies distrust. In a low tone, it is a sign of aggression or to draw attention.
  • Irregular grunt : This is a grunt that changes tones suddenly. It’s a sure sign of nervousness. The dog may be about to attack. You have to be careful. In such cases, you should never look him in the eye.

    Interpreting the dog’s bark is not a difficult task. It’s the same with howls and grunts. Generally, the sound emitted by the animal is always related to the expression on its face. This is another sign to guess what the animal is trying to express.

    If a dog makes a strange or unfamiliar sound for more than 24 hours, it’s a good idea to see a specialist. It could be a health problem.

    The dog is a very intelligent animal. He will always find the ideal way to reveal your desires and emotions.

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