How To Care For A Large Breed Dog

How to Care for a Large Breed Dog

If you couldn’t resist the charms of a beautiful little dog, and ended up taking him immediately to your house, regardless of the size he could reach when he became an adult… Or if you were enchanted by the big guy you saw at the shelter and adopted it without thinking about it for a minute… This article was made for you. Let’s tell you how to take care of a large dog.

Information You Should Consider If You Want To Have A Large Dog

It is always advisable that, when incorporating a pet into our home, we take into account a series of variables. Because, as you already know, dogs are not objects you can get rid of if things don’t work as planned or as you thought they should. So, responsibility is the word you should prioritize.

So, if you want to share your days with a large dog, you should consider that:


  • You will have a pet that, when it reaches its final size, will weigh at least 20 kg in weight.
  • Expenses will be higher, because these pets eat more, accessories are also more expensive, the vet’s budget will be bigger, etc.
  • You will need to have a space in your home so that both the animal and the human residents have a certain amount of comfort.
  • By having a larger size, it is possible that the dog’s movements, in some cases, are more clumsy and cause more destruction.
  • If you’ve had him since a puppy, you shouldn’t neglect his socialization or education in basic rules of behavior. Otherwise, when he grows up, it will be much more difficult to train him. And, even if your pet is nice, its body structure can intimidate others.

 Large size dog food

When it comes to feeding a large dog, you should not only consider the economic factor. So consult a veterinarian on how you need to properly feed your big guy at every stage of his life.

Keep in mind that a puppy with these characteristics will quickly multiply its weight in the first few months. So, it’s important that your diet has sufficient amounts of protein and calcium, but that the ration isn’t too caloric. Besides, if the pet is overweight, bone problems will not take long to appear.

Remember that large dogs grow more slowly than small ones, but they also live less than little ones. Its average lifetime is 10 years.

Need for walks and exercise

Large breed dogs are usually animals with a lot of energy. Many of them have a history as working dogs (herding, rescue, tracking, assistance, etc.).

Thus, it is taken for granted that you should invest sufficient time in walks and exercise. And right away you can exercise too. Or you might consider enrolling him somewhere where he can learn to play a dog sport.

It is also important that you have a great toy apparatus for your pet. This way, you will avoid that -if at any time he gets bored- he will destroy your clothes, shoes, furniture or your garden.

Responsibilities when incorporating a dog into our lives


In any case, no matter the size of your dog, the idea is that you pamper him and take good care of him. That you become responsible for him and that, if things aren’t as perfect as you thought at the beginning, that you can have the patience to show him how you want him to behave.

And the abandonment should not be the word to be considered when we talk about pets. So, once again, when it comes to having a four-legged friend, consider whether you are willing to invest the time and money that his care will require.

Also, if you want a large breed dog, remember that the expenses and the amount of hours you will have to spend on walks, exercises and hygiene, of course, will be greater.

But also think that if you are already willing to take on the responsibilities of owning a pet, the love and companionship that your pet will give you will be unconditional. For sure, you won’t regret it.

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