How To Become A Better Pet Owner?

How to become a better owner for your pet?

As with parenthood, we are not born knowing how to be the best pet owner. The good news is that we can learn right away. As long as you mean well, be affectionate, and meet your basic needs, you will be your dog or cat’s hero.

Tips to be a better pet owner

But in addition to meeting the primary needs of animals, there are other habits that make you the best possible owner. I would like how? We tell you:

1. Pay attention to your health

Take your pet to the vet for a general checkup once a year. Do not forget to follow the mandatory vaccination schedule and, if you wish, secondary vaccinations. The professional will be in charge of carrying out certain exams to make sure that everything is ok. Otherwise, it will indicate the appropriate treatment. Observe the animal for signs or symptoms of illness, pain, or discomfort.

pet deserves the best owner

2. Avoid the proliferation of parasites in your pet

Fleas and ticks are a common problem in dogs. But in addition to being a nuisance for the animal to scratch itself all day, the parasites can cause diseases (including some in people). Use an effective remedy to eliminate them, depending on the pet’s characteristics. There are different options on the market.

3. Offer healthy food

It is possible to ask the veterinarian or the breeder for recommendations, so you will know which food is best for him. The type, quantity and number of meals will depend on your age, race, weight and activities you do during the day. A healthy diet is synonymous with a healthy dog. If you want to be a better owner for your pet, offer him the food he needs.

Of course, don’t forget about the water. Hydration is critical (as well as for people). Remember to change the water every day, especially during the summer, and if the container is exposed to the sun for many hours. May your dog never run out of fresh water.

4. Clean your pet’s teeth

Or you can take him to the vet to have this done. Alone, they cannot follow an oral hygiene routine, so you should help if you want to be the best owner for your pet. There are canine products similar to toothpaste, but if it’s too difficult for you, you can buy chewable treats that clean your teeth, canines and gums, etc.

5. Perform castration

Castration is one of the best ways to be a good owner for several reasons. To start with, because it will prevent the proliferation of stray or abandoned dogs, and because it will reduce the health problems that unneutered animals can have (breast, ovarian or testicular cancer). In addition, neutered dogs are more relaxed, they don’t fight or run away… Be careful, because they can also end up obese. Pay attention to your diet.

6. Put a card or chip on it

Even if the animal is neutered and always walks around on a leash, we never know what can happen if it gets scared or an accident happens. The signs are very cheap and have your name and phone number so that whoever finds you can get in touch. In the case of chips (mandatory in many countries and cities), they help to find dogs more easily.

7. Bathe and comb it

In addition to being an aesthetic issue, it is certain that animals need to be clean. The frequency will depend on the type of coat (short, medium or long), the time of year (in summer, they can get dirtier), the activities (an active and a sedentary dog ​​are not the same thing), and even the age ( puppies are more exposed to dirt). Use specific shampoo and don’t forget to dry it very well so it doesn’t go out in the street while it’s still wet. Take the opportunity to comb the fur and leave it silky and shiny.

take good care of your pet

8. Play with your pet

It’s true that we currently don’t have a lot of free time, but if you want to be a better owner for your pet, you’ll have to pay attention to it (otherwise, we recommend not adopting a dog or cat). Furry ones are very happy when they play with people. Get him a ball, take him to the park, roll around on the grass and let him play with other dogs.

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