How To Bathe A Shorthaired Dog

How to Bathe a Shorthaired Dog

All dogs, regardless of breed, need to bathe to keep themselves clean. Even though short-haired dogs don’t need to bathe as often, they should do it at least once a month.

Many dogs love water, but there are others who hate it and it is harder to bathe them. So the best thing is to get your pet used to water.

Bathing your dog can be a fun activity, but it all depends on how you do it.

Perhaps, for the first few minutes, your dog will resist taking a bath, but later he will get used to it, relax, and even enjoy the pleasure of getting wet with warm water and the foam of the shampoo.

What do I need to bathe my dog?

How to bathe my dog?

The first thing you will need is willingness, patience and a good place to bathe your dog, as he should feel comfortable and safe.

You can try different places, such as a bathtub or an appropriately sized container, in the laundry sink or in your backyard. It all depends on the size of your pet.

Bathing a Great Dane is not the same as bathing a Chihuahua. The first will undoubtedly feel much more comfortable in a bathtub, while the second, being so small, may feel intimidated and more comfortable in the laundry sink or in a breed-sized container.

We always recommend placing a non-slip mat at the bottom of the bathtub or container, to prevent the animal from slipping.

Another important issue is the water temperature.  It is recommended to bathe the dogs in warm water, because if it is too hot, it can burn their skin and, if it is too cold, they can get sick. So choose a middle ground.

Before starting to bathe the dog make sure you have  a special dog shampoo, towels, cotton balls and a comb/brush.

It is advisable to consult the veterinarian  before using any product, to determine the best one for your pet. In pet stores there are several brands, but the one you have chosen may not be appropriate for your puppy’s breed, so it never hurts to consult a specialist to avoid possible allergic reactions and to make sure that cleaning will be effective .

How to bathe a dog?

bathing a dog

The first thing to do is brush the fur to get rid of the dead hairs. Do this gently and clean the comb as it fills.

Once all the dead hair has been removed, it  is very important to place a cotton ball inside the dog’s ears to cover the ear canal well, as short-haired breeds do not have natural protection in the entrance of the ears, the entrance of water in them.

Once in the tub, put some shampoo on the animal’s back. Massage with the foam, the front legs, the belly and under the tail.

Dip a cloth into the water and wipe the dog’s face. If he has blemishes around his ears or eyes, add a little soap to the cloth and wipe it on gently, then rinse the cloth with clean water and remove any traces of product that may have remained on the fur.

Rinse your dog with plenty of clean water. If you wish, you can use a specific conditioner for your pet’s breed.

Short-haired dogs are especially prone to dry skin and the conditioner will help restore skin oils to prevent itchiness and irritation.

If using conditioner, spray a small amount all over the animal’s spine and spread the product with your hands.

Leave on for about five minutes and rinse with clean water.

Finally, wrap the dog in a towel and remove him from the tub. Remove the cotton balls from inside the ears and gently dry the fur with the towel. If the towel gets too wet, replace it with a dry one.

Depending on the season,  the best thing is to keep your dog in a warm place until he is very dry. If it’s summer, you can take it out to the backyard and enjoy the sun’s rays.

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