How To Bathe A Hairless Cat

Cleaning these cats, despite what it may appear to be, is an even more critical issue than furry specimens because they accumulate more dirt. This includes microorganisms that harm your delicate skin. It is essential, whether a puppy or an adult, to get him used to this habit, because the lack of hygiene causes them discomfort.
How to Bathe a Hairless Cat

If you have a bald kitten and think that it will save you a lot of work for that reason when it comes to hygiene, you are more than wrong. Is that  these domestic cat breeds have very sensitive skin and therefore require special and frequent care. That’s why, today, we’re going to tell you how to bathe a hairless cat.

Tips for Bathing a Hairless Cat

Pussies are experts when it comes to cleaning, even bald ones. But you should know that  so-called hairless cats  – although most breeds have an almost imperceptible coat of fur –  tend to sweat more and therefore accumulate more oil and dirt.

It is advisable then that, if you have one of these friendly felines as a pet, be sure to  bathe him every 20 or 30 days. Therefore, you should get him used to this routine early on.

In any case,  consult your veterinarian so that he can inform you about the right products  to bathe a hairless cat. Also, so he can give you some techniques on how to convince your kitten to periodically bathe.

bathe a hairless cat

Recommendations for Bathing a Hairless Cat

The technique for  bathing a  hairless cat is not much different from that used for bathing an ordinary kitten. However, you will have to place special emphasis on cleaning up some areas of your body that tend to accumulate more dirt. Therefore,  before inserting it in the chosen place for your bath, it is advisable to completely clean  the pussy’s eyes, nails and ears.

These feline breeds generally lack eyelashes. For this reason, your  tear fluid  is more abundant. This will prevent the pathogens from causing any illness in your eyes. It is recommended that you wipe the eye area weekly with a clean cloth soaked in saline solution and then remove dirt and bluntness.

Also, keep in mind that  these kittens, in general, have bigger ears than other cats. It is ideal, then, that you use a few cleansing drops –  indicated by the veterinarian – to remove the wax.

To the bath, bald cat!

With the kitten’s eyes, nails and ears already clean, it’s time to put it in the container chosen as a bathtub. Remember that  the water must have a suitable temperature so that the animal does not feel cold or hot. And so that your sensitive skin is not harmed. Then:

  • Slowly wet your entire body, but not your head.
  • Wet it gently and pay special attention to your  legs  and belly.
  • Rinse off with plenty of water.
  • Wash your head, making sure no water gets into your nose or eyes.
  • Get him out of the tub.
  • Dry with a soft towel, but make sure your skin doesn’t get wet.

cat bath

Consequences of not bathing a hairless cat

Keep in mind that if you don’t bathe your pet bald, it  will start to accumulate micro-organisms in addition to dirt. Sooner or later you will have problems with your delicate skin. But beyond that, it will soil all the places and things it passes through.

Also remember that  cats that are dirty begin to feel sad and despondent. So, for your physical and emotional health, don’t neglect your furless feline’s appearance.

The idea is that, even if the animal resists the bath, you persist with the intention of getting him used to this care routine,  even as an adult. But in the meantime, be sure to resort to other options to keep your bald pussy clean.

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