How To Bathe A Dog Without A Headache

How to Bathe a Dog Without a Headache

To know how to bathe a dog without a headache, especially if the animal is nervous, you need to put it at ease. It is necessary to reassure him and have patience to combat the dog’s anxiety.

Although there are many dogs that like water, as a rule,  they run as soon as they see the owner getting the shampoo and towel. If you want to know how to bathe a dog without a headache, we’ll give you some simple tips.

How to bathe a dog without making him nervous

If your dog is afraid of water, you will need to take precautions to avoid creating water trauma to the animal. Here are some tips:

deceive you

Maybe that word sounds weird to you, but it’s for good reason. If you always have to run after him because the animal realizes you’re going to take him, change tactics.

Don’t go to the bathroom, don’t prepare anything in advance, unless you do it when he’s not around or doesn’t see you. Act like it’s a normal day, sit on the couch and wait for him to come and look for your pampering.

Now is the time: after you have petted him, start bathing your dog. Of course, it never hurts to say that you have to close the door so he doesn’t escape.

dog taking a shower

reassure him

Now it’s time to put him in the shower. This is when the animal will be very nervous. You should speak softly while petting the pet.

Open the water slightly and pour it over your hand as you say nothing happens, that everything is fine. Run a wet hand over the animal’s head to see how it reacts. If you notice he’s still very upset, give him time. Do not make sudden movements or force the bath. Certainly, with a dose of love and patience, you can be able to bathe a dog without much hassle.

dryer time

As soon as you turn on the dryer, your dog will want to hide and be nervous. Instead of applying the dryer to him right away, familiarize him with the object.

Turn on the device, pretending to dry your own hair. Or point it against the towel you dried the animal with, for example. Use a moderate temperature and approach the animal little by little. It is best to use warm air, as the heat released by the device will soothe and give the animal confidence.

dog taking a shower

how to give a bath

There are many people who don’t know where to start bathing a dog. This may not be the case for you, but we want to remind you how to do this.

  • Water temperature. Make sure the water is not too cold or too hot. It must have a comfortable temperature for the animal to feel good.
  • Start to wet him from behind. Don’t put water on the animal’s face at first or it will want to run away. Start with the legs or back, which are less sensitive areas. Gradually you can move up to your neck and head.
  • Do the same with the soap. Start with your legs  and back until, little by little, you reach your head.
  • Remember to  clean the area behind your ears well  and be careful with your eyes. Thoroughly clean the genitals and surrounding area.
  • Do not get water in your ears. Be careful not to get your ears wet as this can cause infections and a damp area on the animal that is very attractive to parasites and bacteria.

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