How Should I Brush A Dog’s Coat?

How should I brush a dog's coat?

We know full well that those with long-haired pets need to brush their coat periodically to prevent knots from forming or to remove dirt. Short hair also requires this treatment, although less frequently. In this article, we will teach you  how to brush a dog’s coat to make it look beautiful and healthy.

Why brush a dog’s coat?

The main purpose of dog brushing is to remove hair and dead skin cells that accumulate in the dermis. It is advisable to carry out this hygiene routine every day (5 minutes) in a gentle way, and a more complete brushing (20 minutes) per week or fortnight.

The secondary function of brushing a dog’s coat is aesthetic or styling. But the good news is that the same session can be used for everything: for a beautiful coat that is free of dirt and knots.

woman brushes a dog's hair

It is very important to choose the right brush according to the length and amount of hair your pet has. You don’t even need to spend a lot of money on this instrument. The most suitable is the barbed plastic brush with balls at the ends, because it doesn’t hurt the animal’s skin. To do this,  you must brush the coat slowly. Remember: massage yes, scratches no.

Steps to brush your dog’s coat

Especially in summer, dogs need good grooming to remove dirt and heat. In addition, through this hygiene habit, circulation is activated (with the  brush massage ) and all this further strengthens the bonds we have with our pet. Pay attention to the steps in brushing a dog’s coat:

  1. brush it before showering

When the fur is dry, it is less prone to tangles which, to undo them, make the animal suffer. This can cause whenever the dog sees the brush, hides, wants to bite or show his teeth. Also,  when we brush it before showering, we will complete the cleansing with water  to remove any dead skin cells that are still on the skin.

  1. Brushing time depends on hair

Brushing a Dalmatian (short coat), a Cocker Spaniel  (medium coat) or an Afghan Hound (long coat) is not the same thing  . Each breed needs more or less time depending on coat length. But it is not only that which must be taken into account, but also the type of hair: there are curly and straight hair. As a minimum time per day, brushing for 5 minutes is recommended.

  1. Start from puppy

The best way to make your dog enjoy brushing is to introduce this habit as if it were a game. Of course, when dogs are small, it’s easier for them to see everything as fun. This is the right time to start. As time goes by, he will notice that it is commonplace and part of his routine. And you will love it! Don’t forget that dogs, like people, are animals of habit.

  1. Choose the best brush

You can go to a veterinarian shop or pets, so they recommend what is the best brush according to the length and type of  the  that your dog has. The important thing is that her design is comfortable for you and that it doesn’t ruin the animal’s coat. It also shouldn’t pull.

Different types of brushes for dogs

Brushes for short-haired dogs are not the same as for long-haired dogs. Prevent the teeth from getting tangled up in the animal’s mantle. The rule states that for longer length hairs, the bristles should be longer as well.

  1. put a towel underneath

Although a fair amount of hair is trapped between the teeth of the brush, when you brush your dog’s coat, a lot of particles will “fly” around the house. If you don’t have a garden, terrace or balcony and need to do so, we recommend choosing the bathroom. Also, you should put a towel under the dog so that the hairs fall out there and make it easier to collect them later.

Main image source: Cati Mayol

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