How Do I Know If My Pet Is Sad?

When we have a pet, our life changes completely. They represent a beautiful complement that without realizing it makes us better people.
How do I know if my pet is sad?

When we have a pet, our life changes completely. They represent a beautiful complement that, without realizing it, make us better people.

As owners and friends, our main interest should always be your well-being,  that you have an optimal physical and emotional health, since we are the most responsible for your life.

Given this fact,  one of the most delicate situations that can exist is when our pets feel sad,  as unlike physical injuries, these are not completely visible and we must focus carefully to detect and resolve them.

That’s why here we’ll leave the most common symptoms of this emotional problem, so you can know when your friend is going through this.

Frightened and hyperactive behaviors

sad dog

When sadness settles inside our animal, it usually manifests itself in ways that are sometimes contradictory and difficult to understand.

For example,  one of the most common symptoms is when your pet shows frightened attitudes, such  as constantly hiding behind the sofa or under the bed, as well as responding nervously to your calls.

Do you think that attitudes contrary to these mean that the animal is not sad? Because it happens that  when the situation is the other way around and your friend is usually more active and energetic than usual, it is also a clear manifestation  that you are going through a difficult emotional moment, as this is a common way to relieve yourself.

In either case,  the best you can do is to be patient, attentive and not over-concerned,  as if the animals can detect your concern, they will feel worse when they notice the difference in your attitude.

Sudden changes in sleep schedule

As with humans,  the way you sleep is a very efficient way to determine if your pet is suffering from an emotional problem.

As in the previous case, both extremes can easily show if your partner feels sad about something. When he sleeps much longer than usual or is constantly lying sleepy, he is letting you know that he is sad.

In the same way,  this is also manifested in the opposite way, when it costs a world to reconcile sleep and sleep for few hours,  since when they have a bad mood, restlessness and anxiety make them unmarry less.

loss of appetite

As in people, this is one of the symptoms that most often appear in animals that feel sad,  because their delicate emotional state makes them lose their appetite.

Although it sometimes occurs gradually,  this decrease in the desire to feed is sudden, which is why it’s an easy way to know that your friend feels sad about something.

When you notice that the animal is not eating, you should immediately take it to a specialist to indicate all the steps that should be taken.

other symptoms

As well as the ones we’ve already mentioned,  there are other very common symptoms when your friend is sad. These are the most outstanding:

  • In cats, failure to clean themselves is a strong manifestation of sadness;
  • Aggressive attitudes towards owners, even when your little friend is trained;
  • In more advanced cases, they can hurt themselves;
  • In dogs, a strong discouragement that makes them deny even the most fun games for them.

What can I do to help my pet?

affection in dog

If you want your friend to get over this difficult time and get back to her normal self, here are some actions you can take:

  • Give him as much time as you can, since  for him, your presence is the maximum proof that they have a friend and owner who cares about him;
  • Another solution is to prepare rich homemade food, not only because you feel like it, but because breaking the routine is also therapeutic;
  • In case nothing works, the best thing is to take your pet to a veterinarian  so that he can prescribe the healthiest and most efficient remedies to fight sadness.

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