How Do I Know If I’m The Pack Leader?

How do I know if I'm the leader of the pack?

There are some theories, some quite old, that  to have a good daily relationship with your dog you must make it very clear that you are the leader of the pack.  But, are you interested in being?

What does it mean to be the leader of the pack

Surely you’ve already earned the title of pack leader if you got your dog to clearly understand that, in your home, you’re the boss. You can confirm if you are the boss of the place if you can get your dog to:

dog and man walking

  • Don’t ask for food until you decide to feed it. And that will always be after the whole family has fed.
  • Don’t try to walk through the door ahead of you or go ahead of you during your daily walks.
  • Understand that you will not receive any kind of affection from him unless you want him to,  and that this will never happen if he becomes overly anxious or demanding.

    But the big question: do you want a dog for this?

    Why do we have pets?

    When someone decides to share their life with a pet, we assume that they do it as a way of giving and receiving affection, having a companion, taking care of another living being…

    But where does the phrase that the dog is man’s best friend comes from if what we do with the animal is to make him a victim of this very human attitude of exercising domination over a supposedly weaker being?

    It’s as if you take it out on the dog that your boss is overbearing or that your partner doesn’t do what you want him to do rather than what you’d like him to do. But what’s your furry’s fault for making you deposit all your desire to prove you’re the alpha male or the alpha female on him?

    Is being pack leader good for anything?

    You might be wondering what the point of being the pack leader is anyway. Do you really want to be one? The ideal, both with your pet and with people, is that clear, coherent and precise coexistence rules are established.

    Your dog may have behavioral problems at times. However, to assume that he does so to demonstrate that he is the leader of the pack or to challenge his authority is overkill.

    So, if your furry friend spoils household objects, defecates anywhere, or is aggressive, perhaps you should consider that he:

    • Have unresolved fears or traumas.
    • You are stressed with some punctual situation.
    • He suffers a lot when he is alone for a long time.

    The theory of domination is out of date

    It’s true that these days  there are people who claim to be experts in animal behavior and continue to profit from this alpha male and dominance story.

    But the truth is, these theories have been in vogue for a long time. They are no longer very popular among experts, because later studies have shown them to be unfounded.

    And although wolves, animals famous for living in packs, are the ancestors of domestic dogs, it is also true that between them and their furry friend there are centuries of evolution and changes generated by the coexistence of dogs and humans.

    Does your dog see you with the group leader?

    pit bull with man

    The ideal is that, without making the mistake of humanizing your partner, you educate him with basic rules of behavior so that the coexistence between all family members is the best possible.

    And if any behavioral problems arise, try to find the source and don’t hesitate to seek advice from serious professionals.

    Finally, enjoy your pet. He certainly sees you as someone he loves and must have no idea what it’s like to be a pack leader. That’s why, in the end, this title doesn’t do much good.

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