Homemade Snack Recipes For Your Dog

Homemade Snack Recipes for Your Dog

All of us who have a dog know that it’s not okay to feed him certain foods. . But if we put ourselves in their shoes, it must be pretty boring to eat every day, every day of your life, the same thing. Therefore, sometimes we would like to surprise our pet with some extra surprise to eat, but we don’t dare, perhaps because we don’t know what can be good or bad for him.

Before we give you successful recipes that we’re sure will delight your pet, we’ll first show you what kinds of foods you shouldn’t offer your dog under any circumstances.

prohibited food


cachorro comendo chocolate

Never, never, never, under any circumstances, give your dog chocolate. Chocolate contains a substance called theobromine, which can cause irreversible damage to your pet’s nervous system. , it can even kill.


Although many people choose to give milk to puppies, it is not a good idea. Milk makes digestion difficult and can cause diarrhea in the dog, as it does not produce the enzyme responsible for the digestion of lactose . This can cause lactose intolerance in your pet, causing discomfort.


Like milk, cheese is harmful to your dog and can cause pancreatitis.


This food contains thiosulfate, a substance that can cause anemia in your dog.


Grapes are toxic to dogs and can cause poisoning and kidney failure.

There are many other foods that are prohibited for dogs, but none of them or those mentioned above are present in the delicious dog snack recipes that we will teach you below.

Homemade snacks for your dog

These delicious homemade snack recipes will surprise and delight your dog. Paper and pen in hand!

  • Dog Snack. This will be one of the most delicious snacks for your dog. And it’s as easy as taking leftover food and making a mix . Mix meat (without condiments, onions or raisins) with rice, vegetables and fruits. Cut everything into very small pieces that are easier for your pet to chew. You will see how he will love it.
  • Frozen homemade snacks . For this homemade snack recipe, you need 900g of soy vanilla yogurt (remember milk is not good for dogs) and a pot of peanut butter. Melt the peanut butter in the microwave and mix it with the yogurt.  Place in refrigerator and allow to freeze. Your dog will love this treat on hot days.

  • tuna snacks . This is a very easy recipe to make. All you have to do is mix the contents of two cans of tuna (preferably oil-free and low in sodium) with a beaten egg and half a glass of hot water. With this mixture, fill some vol-au-vents or “voo-ao-vento” in the Portuguese translation, which is a delicacy of French origin, produced with puff pastry in the shape of small boxes that, after roasting, are filled with mixes and baked for ten minutes. Let them cool before serving them to your dog.
  • vegetarian diet . You can make vegetarian snacks that help balance your pet’s diet. To do this, make a puree of lentils and mix with rice. He will definitely love it!
Cachorro comendo vegetal
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  • Noodles. Since dogs love pasta, we suggest one of the most appetizing homemade snacks. Just mix the noodles with scrambled or boiled eggs, chicken breast or sardines (except canned ones). But you can only choose one ingredient to accompany the pasta and forget about sauces!
  • Rice with chicken . This is one of the recipes that dogs love the most! Oops! We’ve already talked about this in other dishes. Well, the truth is that dogs love to eat and will be delighted with any homemade treat. For this recipe, you should not use stewed rice, like in paella, but just very soft white rice. If it is soggy, even better, as it will be easy for the animal to digest. Mix the rice with finely chopped chicken breasts, which have previously been grilled or cooked.

We hope you and your dog like our ideas. Remember, these are just homemade snacks, meaning they shouldn’t be your pet’s permanent diet, but just a new way to surprise him.

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