Home Recipes For Your Pet To Enjoy Delicious Food

Homemade recipes for your pet to enjoy delicious food

We’ve talked on other occasions about the satisfaction that is   do things with our own hands . Whatever the end result, it will depend on the  skillful age, this will bring us a sense of accomplishment. If, in addition, it is enjoyed by al. someone we like a lot, the feeling is a lot of satisfaction . That is why, today  let’s teach some recipes homemade that will be the delights of your pet so you can prepare for your four-legged friend.

Home Recipes for Pets

dog and cat watching food

First of all, it ‘s important consult your veterinarian about the convenience or not of introducing the ingredients of these dishes into your pet’s diet. It is essential that you ensure that your pet does not suffer from any type of  food intolerance . If you notice any reaction, talk to your veterinarian immediately. With that in mind, take note of these homemade recipes.

Tuna biscuit for dogs


2 cans of tuna;

4 spoons of flour;

2 eggs;

Grated Parmesan cheese

Half a spoon of garlic powder

Way of to do

Mash the tuna with a fork until it disintegrates completely. Then, we put the flour, you eggs and O garlic. add we love amount of water o enough to allow obtaining a mass similar to that used to make a biscuit . Finally, we put a bit of cheese grated Parmesan.  We extend/open the mass and we give you the desired shape. We can use a mold to cut mass . We put the dough on the paper butter and bake at 180 °c. When browned, they will be ready to your dog enjoy.

Noodles with meat and eggs for dogs


150g of noodles;

100g of meat;

1 egg;

Way of doing

Cook the pasta as you normally do, the ideal is to leave it  al dente in the right spot: neither soft nor raw . When ready, drain well. In a skillet, fry the minced meat. Then add the egg, batter and stir everything together. When the egg curdles, all this  it will already have become a simple but very nutritious dish. A great alternative in food for dog.

Minced meat dumplings with vegetables for dogs and cats


150g of vegetables;

100g of meat;

75g of rice;

5 tablespoons of lime do with little salt;

Way of doing

Steam the vegetables if possible. You can opt for frozen vegetables, which makes the task a lot easier. Meanwhile, also cook the rice. Once you have both ingredients ready, let them cool. Then mix the vegetables, rice and raw meat and add the broth. Make sure the dough has an adequate texture to form little balls with it, which is what we’re going to do next. So, you just have to watch your pet enjoy this delicious dish.

Hake burgers for cats

cat eating


¼ kg of hake;


Garlic powder;

Salt (very little);




Way of doing

If you have a grinder, use it to grind the hake. Otherwise we will cut it into very small pieces. Mix with parsley, garlic powder, salt, egg and breadcrumbs. You will feed them in the form of a hamburger, pass the hamburgers in the flour and then fry it. s , but very little. Only to brown . your cat will enjoy be eating and you will enjoy watching him eat .

Tuna and pate sandwich for cats and dogs


2 cans of tuna;

2 cans of pate;

2 tablespoons of tomatoes;

Way of doing

Mix tuna, pate and two tablespoons of tomato in a container. Knead with your own hands and create small portions for your pet with the dough. It’s possible that you even want one.

Dog cereal dough


1 cup of whole wheat flour;

50g of oat bran;

50g of butter;

Lemon and vanilla zest;

Way of doing

Mixed ure all ingredients and knead  until you get a homogeneous mixture. Shape the dough as you like . As we saw in a previous recipe or, there are instruments that facilitate my work. put the cookies on paper oven-safe and bake the  200 °C for 10 to 15 minutes. When cool down, your dog will be delighted. 

Now you know some homemade recipes to prepare for your pet. You just have to decide which one to start with.

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