Healing Dog Wounds

healing dog wounds

As we all know, dogs are experts at getting into trouble. Sometimes dogs have minor accidents when you don’t need to take them to the vet. Today we’re going to give you some tips to help heal any possible dog wound, so pay attention:

Something to keep in mind is that you will treat the wounds to help your dog make a quick recovery and also to prevent him from getting infected and that this has some harmful consequences for him.

In general,  to disinfect the wound, the four basic steps are:

  • Clean the area where the injury occurred;
  • Disinfect the cut;
  • Allow the area to receive air;
  • Protect the wound.

Remember , when you’re cleaning a wound, you’d better muzzle him. This preventive measure has nothing to do with trust: when a dog is scared or feels threatened, its natural reaction will be to growl and even bite.

To consider dog wounds

Taking care of an animal's wounds

Before starting to heal a wound, you should assess the seriousness of the wound.

If your dog cries, if you notice significant inflammation, if you can see internal parts, such as tendons, muscles or bones, if there are parts of skin or tissue hanging, bleeding a lot, or the cut is too deep, you better take it. you to the vet to determine the process you should follow.

Scratches or cuts can be easily treated at home, it is best to do so to avoid future problems. Bleeding wounds should have the blood stopped before cleaning can proceed.

To do this, you will need to put pressure on the wound for a few minutes (remember not to do this with too much force to avoid injuring your pet further). You can use gauze to absorb any traces of blood around the wound.

clean the dog wound

To properly clean a dog’s wound, it  is advisable to trim the hairs around the wound, as they can make the process more difficult.

We recommend using small scissors and being very careful. Doing this will not only allow you to better assess the injury, it will also facilitate healing.

Clean the wound with soap and water, preferably with warm water. Try to remove any dirt (dust, dirt, hair) as this will prevent any types of bacteria from entering your pet’s body.

Hot water will also help to calm the dog, which will be extremely helpful for the rest of the healing process. This wash should last for at least 2 minutes.

Disinfect the dog wound cut

Disinfect the dog wound cut

If you notice that the wound is causing the dog pain but it is not severe, or if it is inflamed, you can add some ice. Remember to wrap the ice in a cloth to prevent burns and also to prevent the ice from sticking to your pet’s skin.

Once you have controlled the inflammation, follow with an antiseptic, use iodine to disinfect. Remember that, before use, you must reduce the solution by mixing the same amount of iodine with the same amount of clean water.

Then, using the gauze, make a careful compress, avoiding any lumps on the dog’s skin. You should repeat this process at least three times a day.

If you want to apply other types of products, such as healing ointments or disinfectants, it is always best to consult your veterinarian before applying any products to your dog.

Leave the dog wound ventilated

For successful recovery from an injury, it’s good to let it dry well, so it’s best to leave it exposed. Of course, you must be careful and make constant cleanings, because leaving the wound exposed, we run the risk that dirt penetrates into it and that an infection may arise.

protect the dog wound

Unfortunately, most of the ones that tend to ruin wounds even more are the dogs themselves, so it’s important to be careful not to poke the wound.

A great way is to put your dog on an Elizabethan collar, as this will prevent him from gaining access to the wound, so it won’t wet the wound site, which will help it heal normally.

It is very likely that your dog will resist wearing the collar, however it will be better for him in the long run, so do n’t feel bad if you see him distressed when using it, as it is for your own benefit.

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