“Guau! Qué Perros”, The New App That Drives Adoption

"Guau! Qué perros", the new app that encourages adoption

You already know that we, from the blog  Meus Animals , are supporters of adoption, as there are many animals sacrificed each year and, with this practice, we could save many of them. That’s why we love to inform you about new alternatives that encourage adoption, such as Guau! Qué perros , a new application that “promotes” adoption.

Of course you must be a little surprised. So if you want to know more about this new app, be sure to read this article. We believe that the best way to deal with this news is to interview the creator of this great initiative.

All about Guau! Qué perros , told by its inventor

app to find lost dogs

To learn more about this app, we transcribe the responses of Darío López Pardial, a 25-year-old from Granada, Spain, who was the creator of this initiative.

Question: Why do you think this app is necessary?

Answer: Of course it is necessary. If you go to any social network, you will find that shelters and animal protection associations are overworked. Wow! Qué perros allows them to “disclose” their puppies more easily with just one click.

Question: How does the app work?

Answer: It is an application that can be used by animal protection associations and users. Protective associations will be able to post photos of their puppies and classify them into three categories: lost, abandoned or found. Soon, users will be able to adopt, searching and filtering the type of dog, the color, the city, the area, etc.

Question: Okay, he looks great, but how can it get publicized?

Answer:  Every time a dog is added to the app, it will automatically appear on Guau ‘s Twitter and Facebook pages! What dogs . In addition, it will be possible to share as many times as you like and, thus, the dissemination can be even greater.

In fact, when I invented this app, I didn’t think it would have as many daily downloads and would be so well received by users. It is likely that if this continues, it will soon be possible to include cats and other pets.

Question:  How do you feel after creating an app that helps animals?

Answer:  I feel good, although I never know for sure if the animal was adopted or not thanks to my app. However, I receive letters and emails, in which they thank me for my work and dedicated effort. That really excites me a lot!

Question: Why do you think, especially in Spain, there needs to be more animal adoptions?

Answer:  Although it makes me sad to say this, as it is my country, Spain is one of the European countries where most animals are abandoned. And this is not something impossible to fight. For example, in the Netherlands there are no stray dogs or abandonment reports. I think the Guau! Qué perros could be a grain of sand in this project to eradicate this common evil.

Question: Did you achieve what you wanted with this app?

Dogs adopted abroad

Answer: This is a difficult question, as it is impossible to know how the use of an application that reaches any part of the world and that can be used by anyone will take place. The most difficult thing is to get everyone to understand what it is for and to know how to use it correctly. Although there aren’t many animal associations that take this app seriously, it seems that little by little this number is increasing. We have to wait.

Question: Does it only work on Android or iOS as well?

Answer: At the moment it only works on Android. Apple still doesn’t make things easy for app developers and force them to use its products and pay to maintain the app. That doesn’t mean we won’t make an app for Apple, but we’ll have to wait and see its acceptance.

Well, Darío’s case shows us that wanting is power, and that while abandonment is still a great evil, each of us can do our part to avoid it and to help encourage adoption. Is that you? There’s already  Guau! What dogs ? Download this app right now!

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