From Ancient Rome To Today: Cane Corso

From Ancient Rome to Today: Cane Corso

Today’s most popular large dogs are laboratory-enhanced breeds such as the Pitbull and the Dobermann. However, there is a canine with strong musculature and imposing size from ancient Rome that we must remember: the Cane Corso.

Also called the Italian Mastiff,  this Mediterranean warrior even participated in ancient wars.  But nowadays, he has left the battles to become the ideal protector of homes and families.

Their behavior is far more complex than their enormous strength and appearance.  There is a saying that can perfectly define the structure of your personality: “not everything is what it seems”.

moderate behavior dog

The first thing anyone can think of when seeing a specimen of this breed is that they are violent dogs. But this is just prejudice, because  the Cane Corso is a dog of moderate character, by nature.

His temperament is very sober, calm, docile and faithful.  The Italian Mastiff is one of the most intelligent large dog breeds known. Their tolerance for children is limited, even though they hardly carry out scenes of jealousy.

Balanced and proud, they are not the type of dogs that get out of control by any external stimulus. In fact, their arousal threshold is quite low and therefore it is very difficult to see them lose control.

protective dogs

With their owners and with the closest people, they will be extremely calm dogs.  However, this dog can be very suspicious of unknown people approaching the house. If they notice unusual movement in the home or yard, they will be on the lookout.

In a nutshell , they are emotionally stable, but they don’t trust strangers, and understand that their duty is to take care of the territory they belong to. Therefore, some families purchase this breed to increase levels of security at home.

These dogs will understand that an important part of their lives is protecting their owners. In addition, they  can live with other dogs, which they will also protect.

a centered dog

The Cane Corsican  is a pet that does not like to play, especially during adulthood. Most of these dogs spend great hours taking care of the territory and observing what is going on around them.

They are also not affectionate dogs and, therefore, they do not care much for children. When they bark a lot, it’s because everything is in order, but when they feel threatened, they assume a discreet and silent posture.

Its nature has turned it into a great watchdog : they are muscular, heavy, strong, and will attack only if strictly necessary. We refer to a pet that can reach up to 45 pounds.

Cane Corsican black

Acceptable Obedience Levels

Training will be essential to consolidate the pet’s good temperament. Training this breed will not be impossible, but it will have its difficulties, forcing its owners to be persistent.

By doing so,  their owners will be able to dominate them and obtain the necessary obedience.  In this sense, a key part is the socialization process, but the training process must start since they are very young.

It is recommended that training is based on treating other dogs well and carrying out surveillance work. The first is a necessity, the second the real vocation of the race.

What should we know when adopting them?

The first thing is that they have legalized the papers that demonstrate their pedigree. This documentation is easy to obtain, and not at all expensive. If a seller wants to make it difficult, we must be suspicious.

In terms of health, the correct thing is to have in our hands the letter from the veterinarian, vaccines, deworming, etc. We should know that  your most frequent health problems are related to your weight and physical activity. We must also take care of your eyes and teeth.

Cane corso: three basic recommendations

The coat of these animals is quite short. Therefore, this dog is ideal for climates ranging from warm to temperate. It can be difficult to adapt to extremely cold climates.

In addition,  its adoption is recommended by owners who own houses with large backyards. Cane Corsican is territorial, needs to burn energy and has a lot of vigor.

Whoever bets on this breed should get used to taking long walks.  In summary, the Cane Corso is a muscular dog, ideal for protecting houses with backyards located in temperate or warm areas. We cannot expect great displays of affection from them, but great loyalty and defense.

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