Everything You Need To Know About The Sausage Dog

Everything you need to know about sausage dog

I don’t know about you, but every time I see one, I can’t help but  smile. I do this because they are so funny. Although I like dogs with fur better,  I can’t deny that I couldn’t even close the doors of my house much less my heart to this dog. Do you know who I’m talking about? From the sausage dog.

I think there are few people who don’t like this dog, if any. They’re fun, have a fun look and a way of  walking  that  doesn’t go unnoticed. Would you like to know more about them? We will tell you!

Curiosities about the sausage dog


That’s not his real name, sausage dog. That was an endearing nickname that he received over time, I think it’s pretty clear why. But  its real name is Dachshund, Teckel or Dackel.

Its peculiar shape is due to a genetic mutation called hypochondroplasia. This mutation makes the extremities very small in relation to the rest of the body, just as it happens in this breed.

Now, let’s enter the sausage world and we’ll know more about this little animal.

The origins of the Dachshund

Although the Techel has been known for a long time and it has already been presented in several exhibitions in Germany, it was only in the year 1888 that the first club of this breed was created and it was officially recognized as a pedigree breed.

They became “famous” quickly, as their different and “strange” form, for some people, is so original that it calmed the eccentricity cravings of the main monarchs of the country and the rest of Europe, such as Queen Victoria, who was in love by that race.

Techel Features

Its physical characteristics stand out, but it never hurts to repeat them.

Your body

Your body is elongated and is much larger than your extremities. Its muzzle is long and narrow, and its ears are droopy. They depend a lot on the hygiene you provide, as, as they are dropped, they need to be continually checked to make sure they are not infected or dirty.

your size and your weight

Its weight is around 9kg. There are 3 sizes:

  • Standard. This one can be recognized due to its body circumference around 35 centimeters.
  • Miniature. His body circumference will be 30 centimeters.
  • For hunting rabbits. Due to its speed needed to hunt, its circumference will be less than 30 centimeters.

your fur

The three varieties presented above can have two types of hair: short or long.

  • Short. It will be  thick, shiny and smooth hair . Very close to the body and there is almost no need to comb it or give it special care. They can have these colors: chocolate, black and gold.
  • Far away. Unlike other dogs, the longhaired sausage dog has short hair and closes to the body, but will grow at the ends causing the dog to have a mane that will need to be combed and well cared for.

sausage dog character

Its character is quiet, although there are some people who claim to be a difficult race to educate, but this is not completely true. When we see a living being with such a small size, we tend to feel pitying and want to fulfill its every whim. We overprotect it. This happens a lot in the case of sausage dogs.

If we fill him with care, it is obvious that when we have to be more rigid to teach them something, he will not listen to us or will rebel. The Teckel is a very intelligent dog, don’t forget, he’s just small, but he’s not incapable.

Like other dogs, they want to be the leader. But remember, your pack leader is you, so if you want to educate your sausage dog in the easiest way, you should make that clear from the start.

Special cares

sausage dogs

The Teckel is not a very complicated dog, however it  is possible to have problems with its spine due to the fact that it is too long.

Of course, there is no way you can prevent him from having an accident, but you can prevent him from being  overweight. This can cause great damage to your spine, so it is very important that he eats in a balanced way with low-calorie and high-protein foods.

Like all dogs, the sausage dog also needs exercise, but remember that its legs are short and limit it. Don’t force him to do more than he really can.

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