Don’t Be Afraid, Adopt!

Don't be afraid, adopt!

Many people want to adopt a pet but don’t know how or are afraid. However, the steps are very simple. Abandoned, injured and mistreated pets are waiting for a home that wants to take them in.

To take the first steps toward adoption, you will have to go to shelters or associations. Among the requirements that are usually required to start the procedures, are:

  • Be of legal age. Present identification.
  • Proof of address. Document that demonstrates that the person owns the property where the pet will live or, in the case of rent, that the owner of the property allows animals to reside in the house.
  • Adoption Agreement. We must sign a document where we commit to:
    – Take care of the pet and keep it in optimal conditions of space, time, food, exercise…
    – Offer the veterinary care that the animal needs. The pet will be delivered dewormed and with the corresponding vaccines already applied. Dogs will even microchip to their new home.
    – Do not use the animal for breeding or reproduction.
    – Notify any changes to the association (loss, death…).
    – If you cannot assume the responsibilities, do not give in to fear and make sure that you will never abandon it, that you will return it to the association.



    These types of associations do not receive an economic subsidy, but live on personal economic support. These are, in most cases, donations to cover the animals’ veterinary expenses while they are under the protection of the association.

    Among the parameters that fix the associations are the following:

    • The association has the right not to give you the animal if you do not comply with the required requirements.
    • The association may request that the presentation or adoption of the animal take place in the house where the pet will live in order to know its future home.
    • During the initial period of sheltering, a follow- up will be carried out to see if the animal adapts to the family and to verify if the adopters are fulfilling their commitment.
    • If an abandoned animal is found, there is a period of time that will have to be met before the animal can be officially adopted, if the owner who lost it claims the animal.

    If you don’t want to adopt, but want to help, don’t be afraid either

    But there are other options to help if you don’t want to adopt a pet. And they are as follows:

    • Donate . Economic contributions or the donation of objects and toys for these animals are another way to improve life in shelters.
    • Sponsor . We can become the godmother/godfather of a pet and take care of its maintenance until an owner adopts it.
    • Volunteering . Another option is to become a volunteer in an animal protection association and participate in its solidarity project: directly assisting the animals, disseminating information about the organization of events in defense of animals, an adoption fair, avoiding the fear of potential candidates, etc.
    • Welcome in your home . We can also temporarily take in an abandoned pet until it is adopted and it finds a new home.

      Spanish data

      In Spain there are currently 300 shelters and centers for abandoned animals. Among the reasons for this are marriages, divorces, the sudden appearance of allergies, the arrival of a child, the new floor of the house, a change of work, annoyance with barking, peeing out of place, etc.

      Things to Consider in Adoption

      When we adopt a pet, in addition to offering him a second chance, we do not encourage the trade in animals. Most of the animals in the stores come from breeders with few scruples and these animals suffer hereditary diseases caused by inbreeding (crosses with a certain degree of kinship) so widely used to obtain the pedigree.

      Therefore, we must be sure about the origin of the animal, and also about our possibilities of having it at home, the expenses we will have with food, veterinarians, accessories, the time we will have to dedicate to provide the necessary care, the walks, some antics at home or in the garden, discomfort during vacations, etc.

      Before adoption, it is very useful to de-worm, sterilize, implant a microchip, etc.



      Thousands of dogs and cats end up in shelters or associations without being guilty of anything, and without understanding what is going on. They are separated from their dearest ones, although this affection was not reciprocated. In this way they will find themselves surrounded by other unknown individuals, caged, confused, scared and depressed.

      For all that, adopting an adult animal has the advantage that we are offering a last chance to an innocent animal that might end up trapped in a cage.

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