Dogs Of The Pug Breed, Best Choice For You

Pug dogs, the best choice for you

Are you looking for a dog food that suits your needs and preferences? Choosing a partner to spend many years with you is not an easy task. Therefore, we must pay close attention to its characteristics. In this article,  we are going to talk about pug dogs, little ones stuffed with love. 

Origins and description of pug dogs

Although this breed is originally from China, it was in the UK where it became most famous. Its name derives from the word “pugg”, which is used to describe affectionate and playful beings. The term “Carlino” (name by which he is also known) is used because there was an Italian actor known as “Carlin” who played a harlequin in the Parisian theatre. The character’s appearance resembled the characteristic black face of pug dogs.

Their direct ancestors are Pekinese dogs (both breeds are favorites in Tibetan monasteries). It is believed that Dutch traders took them from the Orient to Europe and, from there, the breed spread to England and France, mainly.

Since their foray into the European continent, pugs have been considered “luxury” dogs. That’s because they  were company with people belonging to the aristocracy and the most important characters in history. Among them, Marie Antoinette,  the Marquise de Pompadour, the Dukes of Windsor and Josefina Bonaparte stand out. In Modernity, they became famous for starring in various films and television series (for example, “The Adventures of Chatran”, “Pocahontas” and “MIB – Men in Black”).

As for the physical part of this breed, we can highlight that  it is a small, muscular and well-proportioned dog (although its head is large in relation to its body). The face is covered in folds, has a square snout, large dark eyes, and two types of ears: “bud” (forward) or “pink” (backward).

The pug’s fur is soft, shiny and short. Its colors can vary: silver, black abricot and fawn. The antiface or black “mask” is very typical in this breed. The tail is shaped like a spiral with one or two loops. It can weigh from 6 to 10 kilos, and measure from 30 to 40 cm.

Behavior and personality of pug dogs

It is, without a doubt, a peculiar breed, not only due to aesthetic issues. The main motto of this dog is “Multum in parvo”  (which means “very in little”). The pug is very affectionate and loves to play all the time. He needs constant company, and if he has to be alone, he may develop separation anxiety.

It is not recommended to adopt it if we have small children in our house, or if we have to spend many hours outside. This dog requires a lot of attention, and if it doesn’t get the proper attention, it can even get sick. The pug is very sociable and gets along well with other dogs and people of any age. He is cheerful and loves to draw attention.

They don’t usually put up with very intense games  (another reason why it is not advisable to adopt it if we have small children at home). They are easy to socialize if they are trained as puppies. Other “requirements” are: exercise every day and play constantly, so that they don’t get bored and don’t want to destroy the furniture and objects in your house.

Beware of pug dogs

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A very important factor when adopting a pet is knowing what the needs and care it needs are. In the case of the pug,  brushing is essential once or twice a week, to prevent it from losing fur. 

In addition, it is necessary that he performs moderate exercises and daily walks,  remembering that their robust structure and their muzzle do not allow them to do a very intense activity. You also need to be careful with your eyes, as they are more exposed, they are likely to be bruised.

There may be an accumulation of dirt and secretions in the pug’s face wrinkles. Therefore, with a cotton moistened with warm water, you can clean them once a week (the same you can do with your eyes). Pugs with “button” ears can have problems due to moisture build-up, which can lead to fungus and infections.

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