Dogs Communicate With Facial Expressions, Find Out How

Dogs communicate with facial expressions, find out how

Dogs can communicate with humans through their body language. Your pet’s tail or the position of your head can say a lot about your little friend’s behavior, but can their faces also express some kind of feeling or behavior?

According to science…

A team of Japanese scientists found that dogs use their facial expressions to show their emotions. According to their studies, dogs tend to raise their eyebrows when they see their owners.

After several investigations, it was possible to demonstrate that facial expressions reflect the activity of the brain that controls emotions.

Using high-speed cameras, the scientists noticed that when dogs were reunited with their owners, right after seeing them they used to raise their eyebrows upward for about a second.

The test consisted of placing 12 dogs in a room divided in two by a curtain, so that they could see what was on the other side.

Meanwhile, a team of high-speed cameras captured each of their facial expressions. On the other side could be the dog’s owner, a toy, an object, or a stranger.

Scientists noticed that dogs moved their eyebrows up whenever they saw someone behind the screen, and the movement accentuated even more, especially on the left side, when they saw its owner.

Earlier this year, a group of psychologists in the United States concluded that dog owners were able to detect emotions in their pets’ facial expressions.

In this sense, the tests revealed that people were able to detect whether the animals were happy, sad, surprised or scared. Such sensitivity is due to the fact that humans develop a natural empathy with dogs, which allows them to identify this type of expression.

Dogs Communicate: How to Read a Dog’s Eyes

Como ler os olhos de um cachorro

A dog can, within its limits, vary the shape and size of its eyes or the direction and intensity of its gaze.

Eyes that look larger than normal usually indicate that they feel threatened in some way.

If a dog’s eyes look smaller than they normally are, it could also mean he feels scared or stressed. Dogs that feel pain usually have their eyes half closed.

Suppose you come face-to-face with a dog whose body language expresses defiance. He watches him determinedly, the pupils in his eyes dilate and he isn’t blinking.

This unblinking look means the animal is tense. Therefore, it is best to withdraw safely and back away slowly.

Direct eye contact can also trigger another type of reaction, especially if the animal is easily startled or very shy.

A classic scenario is that the dog comes close to you to sniff, and when you look down and your eyes meet his, he is sure to pull away and bark.

The best way to help a shy dog ​​to grow comfortable is to invite him to play and try, in this first encounter, not to make sudden movements.

How to read a dog’s mouth?

Como ler a boca de um cachorro

A dog with its mouth tightly closed is a sign of tension. If you keep your mouth closed but your lips and mouth muscles are smooth, there’s nothing to worry about. On the other hand, a tight closed mouth can indicate physical discomfort.

If you notice that a little drool is coming out of your mouth, if this is not typical of the breed and it happens constantly, your pet is likely to be scared or to take you to the vet. Maybe his health is being affected in some way.

If your pet is in an alert state, you will notice that its eyes will be wider than usual, and its mouth will be slightly open, with its teeth covered.

Finally, how to interpret whether a dog is happy? Watch your facial muscles. They should express tranquility and be smooth.

We may also notice that your body position will be relaxed and calm. Your eyes will be normal, maybe your mouth is slightly open, and your tail will move from side to side uninterruptedly.

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