Dogs Are Smart, More Than We Think

That dogs are smart is something we all know. In fact, they have been used for special jobs as police officers, guides, therapy participants, and assistants to elderly people.
Dogs are smart, more than we think

That dogs are smart is something we all know. In fact, they have been used for special jobs as police officers, guides, therapy participants, and assistants to elderly people. It is obvious that they are not only driven by instinct, but also have the ability to be trained for different things and have the intelligence to fulfill these tasks.

Every time new studies are made with dogs to learn about their abilities and abilities, scholars are more and more surprised. Let’s see the achievements of these studies, to what extent we have come to know our dog friends.

Facts that demonstrate a truth: dogs are smart

dog and child

We are sure that with the following list you will learn many things you didn’t know and that will surprise you.

Understand vocabulary like a child

Even though they can’t speak and don’t even have our language, they are able to recognize words. Dogs have a favorite game so they know how to recognize you are talking about such a thing. This was discovered with an experiment that taught us something else that demonstrates that dogs are smart.

Several dogs were taught to recognize the word “plush”. They knew you were talking about a plush, they knew how to bring the plush and they knew how to fetch a plush.

Then the words doll and ball were taught. They tricked the dogs into believing they had hidden the three things, but they didn’t hide the stuffed animal. They were asked to fetch the plush. Although many dogs found the ball before the doll, they all took the doll because their minds associate that a doll is more like a stuffed animal than a ball. What do you think about this?

imitate us for your benefit

But they don’t do it like a monkey, who simply imitates us out of instinct or fun. A dog does it for your benefit. For example,  if he doesn’t know how to open a door and sees us pushing to open it, he will mimic our behavior  to get the door open. Dogs are smart, aren’t they?

your amazing memory

His memory is spectacular, being able to store millions of smells and images  and he can remember everything, even though it has been many years.

adapt to us

Dogs are able to adapt to their owners’ needs.

So  let’s see playful dogs that live with the elderly and have become more peaceful. Or for example, guides who transform into calm dogs and who, because they know their owners cannot see, communicate with them by licking. Isn’t that amazing?

do they know who takes care of them

Even though the family has many members,  a dog is able to know who feeds or drinks  and when he wants something like this, he goes and looks for the person who always does.

are aware of themselves


Dogs are aware of what they are doing and know how to identify their own fluids. In one of these experiments to find out if dogs are intelligent, a proof of this was made.

In this test, several dogs were placed in a room with different urine samples. Neither urinated on their own urine to mark territory, but on another’s.

show empathy

Our dogs show us empathy. They know when we are sad or bored and always come quickly to look for us and try to pamper  us or make us laugh. This is much more than some people do.

Dogs are smart, not always by instinct.

Without a doubt,  it cannot be denied that dogs are intelligent and that not all their movements or actions are driven by instinct. These are experiments to show you things that dogs are capable of doing almost instinctively, but intelligently. However, you can teach your dog to do many things that he will learn easily.

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