Doga Benefits For Dogs

Combating stress is among the many benefits of doga for dogs.
Doga benefits for dogs

Have you ever heard of doga? If not, we’ll tell you everything we know about it and what its benefits are for your pet. What we can assure right now is that if you practice with your dog, you will see the benefits of doga for both of you. Are you ready? Let’s take a doga class!

what is doga

Are you passionate about yoga ? So now you can practice with your dog! Even though many people think that only humans have stress, our animals are also stressed and need some kind of “therapy” to help reduce this discomfort.

Doga is a type of discipline based on yoga, which is not just for the animal to exercise, but for the owner and animal to practice together. This will benefit both.

This idea came up in Florida in 2011 thanks to Suzi Teitelman. Today, doga is an expanded practice all over the world.

More and more people practice it and know the benefits of doga . Suzi realized that when she did yoga in front of her dog, he relaxed more easily. One day, she decided to take him with her to her classes, and made him actively participate.

dog dog

How is a doga class

Doga is an excellent form of relaxation for our dogs, and classes basically consist of:

  • Massages and stretching. We will have to help our dog so that his body warms up before starting the exercise. Even if there are people who can teach animals to imitate their movements, if you’re not one of those, don’t despair. You can help him with your hands so that he is in the correct posture.
  • Breathing. The breathing is key in this discipline of relaxation, and your dog should also learn to breathe.
  • Stretching. They are essential after each class, so that the muscles return to their place. In this way, pain and contractures are avoided.
  • Relaxation. This is the end point of the class, where both owner and pet can relax together before heading home.

    Pregnant woman doing yoga with dog

    Doga benefits for dogs

    Just as yoga has many benefits for people, doga also has many benefits for dogs. These are some:

    • Balance. Doga is especially beneficial for those puppies who are very nervous or get stressed easily. It allows them to find a harmonious relationship between their body and mind that will allow them to be a balanced animal.
    • Bond with the owner. They say that contact increases love. Sharing experiences and games will make our relationship with our pets even closer.
    • Combat destructive behaviors. One of the main reasons dogs can exhibit destructive behavior is boredom or stress. The doga allows you to lessen these feelings so that the animal remains relaxed.
    • Better socialization. Because they are calmer, it will be easier for the animal to relate to other dogs. Especially if he had problems before.
    • Improves joints. Of course, like any type of physical activity, doga is also beneficial to the animal’s body. Stretching allows muscles and joints to exercise properly.
    • Improves flexibility. This will be one of the many benefits of doga for your pet.


    As you have seen, a relaxation discipline , which seemed impossible to be practiced by our pets, is in vogue among them.

    Furthermore, it brings great benefits for everyone. If you haven’t thought about it yet, plan on having the experience of sharing these moments with your pet. You’ll see how you won’t regret it, and both of you will benefit.

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