Dog Keeper: 5 Tips To Become One!

One of the keys to working as a dog caretaker is to treat them as if they were our own family.
Dog keeper: 5 tips for you to become one!

Do you like animals? Do you love and respect them? So, it may be an option – and a job opportunity – to work occasionally or full-time as a dog caretaker. That’s why, today, we’ll give you some tips to become a good dog carer.

How to work as a dog carer

This activity has emerged in recent years as an alternative to temporary residences for pets, where animals are locked in cages, and has been gaining more and more popularity.

Since it ‘s always better to leave pets in the care of someone who provides the attention they deserve when the owners cannot do so for whatever reason.

So, below, we will give you some tips that will surely help you to become a great dog carer.

  • Offer confidence and security

Usually, the caregiver takes the animal to their own home. This ensures care in a familiar environment. And, with that, it offers the peace of mind of not keeping your house keys in order to take care of the animal.

However, the ideal is to have a meeting in advance with the owner and the dog to meet him in his own environment.

With this, talking to the owner, you will generate the necessary confidence to ensure that everything will be fine with your pet during his/her absence. And at the same time, you will become familiar with the dog and find out if you empathize with the animal.

dog caretaker

  • Treat the dog as your own

It is very important that the animal you are taking care of feels at home, or almost. Then:

  • Provide a comfortable and clean place.
  • Pamper him without limits.
  • Do not change your meal and tour routines.
  • Watch for any changes that might indicate a health problem.
  • Play with it.
  • Don’t leave him alone for too long.
  • Make sure there are no places for him to run away.
  • Take precautions if there are other pets in the house that he might not get along with.
  • Familiarize yourself with the dog’s specific needs

Ask everything you need to know, to be sure there will be no unforeseen problems with the animal you are taking care of.

Find out about your eating habits, walking routines, exercise and play. Also see if he is trained to obey certain orders and what his favorite toys are.

It is essential that you know if you should be careful about your health, if you take any medications and who is your veterinarian.

Also, inform the owners that there is a veterinary emergency service in the vicinity of their home; 24 hours a day.

work as a dog caretaker

  • Use social networks and apps

In a world where everything seems to be on the Internet, it’s good to use it to make yourself known. Create a website to promote yourself as a dog caretaker.

It is also convenient for you to integrate with websites that offer caregiver services;  to generate a greater sense of security and support in those who hire him and, in passing, reach more people.

Also use these means to keep in touch with the owner of the animals you are caring for. Without abusing, you can send pet reports, photos or videos; so the owner can know how well you are taking care of your pet.

And, of course, be sure to ask any questions that may arise to deal with the animal.

  • Provide additional services

To make your proposal more attractive, you can also offer some extras for the pet while it is in your care. For example:

  • Bath and grooming
  • Training
  • Special tours in the countryside or on the beach
  • Dog specific sports

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