Dog Fashion That Should Never Be Followed

Dog fashion that should never be followed

It is common to see how dogs end up becoming fashionable targets. Using clothing, accessories and even tattoos, animals become their owners’ mannequins.

But what are the trends for dogs? Painting nails, exotic colors and haircuts and hours inside a brand bag with the sole purpose of being an “owner’s accessory” are some of the transformations or functions that some pets undergo to please their owners’ absurd tastes. .

But… to what extent is this very invasive behavior positive for animals? To provoke reflection, we share certain canine rights that shouldn’t be broken. Do you know these rights?

transport bags

Dog's clothes

When we talk about carrying bags, it is good to keep in mind that they are only suitable for small dogs, as are the Chihuahua breed , Yorkies, Poodles and many others of small weight.

The popularity of this type of dog has increased in recent years and has led people to have the phenomenon known as “purse dog”. 

Literally, a pouch dog is an animal small enough to be carried in a large pouch or a specially designed under-arm cage.

This trend of ‘bag’ dogs may have started with celebrities like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie and it didn’t take long to seep among people.

The image of a woman or a man carrying a small dog in a bag has become, in recent years, very recurrent.

Type dogs toy  are trendy and carry them in a bag is a priority. If you’re thinking about getting a ‘toy dog’ because you think it’s cool and that they don’t require the same kind of attention as a big dog, think a little more.

While these animals are undoubtedly small and cute, don’t forget that dogs are the same. Therefore, they require the same commitment of time and money to ensure care and well-being.

Carrying a toy dog ​​in a bag is it right? Toy dogs and other small breeds have tiny legs and may be unable to keep up with people’s walking pace. That’s why they usually have a small bag to avoid fatigue and overexertion. It doesn’t hurt them.

What is not right is putting your pet together with other things. It is important to use a cage suitable for transport. Keep in mind: animals being bundled with your cell phone and wallet is not a good idea. It will be uncomfortable for the animal and it will not have a space to sit.

Dog fashion: bespoke clothing

dog clothes

According to some animal rights organizations, people who dress their dogs can be penalized.

Animal advocates claim that forcing pets to wear clothing that could be harmful is threatening their well-being and, in some cases, may even be a reason to sue the owners.

The couture canine in recent years, it has become fashionable and there is a wide variety of products for sale ; boots, pajamas, pants and even a bathrobe for dogs.

Fashion designers, including Vivienne Westwood and Ben de Lisi, have also created designs for the dogs, while London’s Harrods store organizes an annual fashion show called Pet-a-Porter.

Some experts believe that sometimes clothing in dogs is acceptable. For example, during cold weather, for some small or short-haired dogs.

The exaggeration of many owners leads some dogs, in climates where rain is generally prevalent in the climate, to put on rubber boots and an umbrella adapted for them.

Owners can buy whatever they want for their pets, but the fact that it’s overkill to stuff our companion with stuff is unnatural.

On the other hand, professionals have also warned that clothing in animals can cause overheating.

Finally, another fad that has become popular is the use of animal tattoos, dyeing and haircuts to get attention. In these cases, animal rights are definitely violated and the  animals may be at risk.

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