Did You Know That Store-bought Dogs Are More Problematic?

Did you know that store-bought dogs are more problematic?

When it comes to purchasing a dog, many people think that, since they have extra money, it is better to purchase a new pet in a store than simply settle for a stray dog, which is free.

There is a preconceived idea that a mongrel dog, or stray, is more difficult to educate, among other inconveniences. We are sorry to contradict your ideas, but none of this is true.

Store-bought dogs are more of a problem.

We should look into this carefully, as a team of veterinarians at the University of Pennsylvania did a study on it: they compared the emotional state and physical health of dogs purchased from stores with those purchased from private breeders.

This team  came to the overwhelming conclusion that store-bought dogs posed more problems. Let’s see why:

Your origin


Unfortunately, many of the dogs purchased in stores, those that are displayed as trophies in shop windows, come from so-called “puppy factories”, in which the animals are used exclusively for commercial and financial purposes without their needs being considered and without attention being paid. given to them.

In these “factories”, the bitches stop whenever they are in heat and are separated from their puppies before the recommended 8 or 10 weeks, to have their puppies taken, in precarious situations, to stores all over the country, to be sold. This makes not everyone survive, unfortunately, less than half survive.

Can you imagine the trauma that these puppies already carry since they were so small? It is sad to know this stark reality, but it makes us happy to know that more and more countries are banning the sale of “dogs in shop windows”.

The treatment received

In factories, dogs that will be sold in stores receive hostile treatment and live in hazardous conditions.

They are not dogs to talk to, to play with, nor to let them run or give them a prize when they do something right. They live in extremely small, closed spaces.

All of this makes it much more difficult to relate to others, whether they are other dogs or humans. On the other hand, it has been shown that those who have received this type of “nurture” are more likely to contract respiratory illnesses and pneumonia, as well as hereditary health problems.

other problems


The study we were talking about was done with 417 dogs acquired in stores and 5657 adopted from private breeders. These were the results:

  • Dogs bought in shops showed a much higher rate of aggressiveness of the dogs from private breeders. This aggressiveness has been demonstrated with other dogs, with strangers and even with members of their family.
  • Dogs purchased in stores showed fear of unknown situations, strange people and even those they knew, as well as other dogs.
    • Dogs purchased from stores showed a high level of anxiety, a product of early separation from their mother.
    • The fact that they grew up in the middle of the dirt, reducing their “bathroom” to a minuscule small space, made the dogs acquired in stores demonstrate an attitude of lack of hygiene in their new homes.
    • Dogs purchased from stores also showed inappropriate behavior, such as running away from home.

    Although it seems strange, this study taught us that just as it happens with humans, the creation also influenced the personality and the health and emotional state of our dog.

    And to think that we always thought that buying a dog in a store was the best option! Well, now you know, if you use your money in this way, you will be cooperating so that they continue to treat many other dogs in this cruel and inhumane way.

    Don’t be complicit in something like that! The best thing to do if you want to acquire a dog is to look for a professional breeder, a protective association or an owner whose dogs have given birth .

    With this you will not only help a good cause, but you will also have a healthier and happier dog, who can bring happiness to your life and not problems like the ones that dogs bought in stores could give.

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