ComeDog: Public Feeders For Abandoned Dogs

ComeDog: public feeders for abandoned dogs

Although, there are many dogs that are dedicated to rescuing humans, sometimes it is people who are dedicated to helping dogs. For example,  ComeDog, a public feeder for stray dogs that is much more than that.

The ComeDog project emerged in Colombia with the aim of improving the quality of life of stray dogs, but in addition to feeding dogs, this project also seeks the sterilization, adoption or relocation of thousands of these animals in new homes.

Each dispenser has the capacity to feed between 30 and 40 dogs, in addition they have the facility to be transported to different parts of the city.

This project, started by Juan Manuel Montoya Pardo, a  zootechnist interested in the animal cause, in a few months he revolutionized the way, until then known, of helping animals.

Currently, there are close to 300 feeding troughs spread across 80 municipalities in Colombia, with a list that exceeds 3,000 godparents, in addition to the millions of interested parties who contact Juan Manuel and his organization every day.


What ComeDog is oriented towards

The most interesting thing about this project is that it seeks to dignify homeless animals, and tries to help them find a new home or, at least, improve the possibilities of these animals to get food and a better quality of life.

In addition, one of the main concerns of the people who started this project was to  curb or reduce the overpopulation of stray dogs and cats, as well as indiscriminate breeding.

Aware that the problem lies in the irresponsible ownership of pets, through public feeders, we seek to generate compassion in the community, to carry out awareness campaigns that point to responsible pet ownership.

Likewise, this project works on the basis of people interested in helping stray dogs, financing public feeders from their own pockets.

How ComeDog Works

It is important to understand that this project goes much further than simply feeding the dogs, because with this, despite promoting the dog’s well-being, nothing is done about the animals’ reproduction, which is another of the great aspects that ComeDog seeks to meet.

Therefore, people who decide to sponsor an animal must also meet a series of commitments that aim to improve the dog’s quality of life, such as:

  • Each sponsor is responsible for spaying dogs that frequently visit their feeder;
  • They must also, in addition, carry out campaigns that help in their adoption;
  • Develop, as far as possible, campaigns, whether physical or through social networks, aimed at sensitizing the community on the importance of not abandoning dogs and trying to help those who live on the streets.

    Although the project is more focused on dogs, it also serves different species in this condition, such as cats.

    dog food

    Author: Fernando Dall’Acqua

    Who can be a godfather?

    Anyone interested in the project can join.  However, with the commitment to keep ComeDog with enough water and food to supply it, and other commitments made by joining the project.

    Likewise, it will have to pay 165,000 Colombian pesos (approximately 60 dollars), money with which it will finance the manufacture and freight of the public feeder.

    This project was very successful, and showed interest in different countries in America, especially in Peru, Guatemala, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and the United States, as there are people in these countries who want to join the project that feeds the soul of animals and their angels.

    It is interesting to observe how these types of proposals have more and more weight, and it is easier to find people interested in helping animals no matter what the cost or the sacrifices and extra efforts that must be made.

    Image credits: Juanedc.

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