Cats That Don’t Cause Allergies: Meet 5 Breeds

Cats that do not cause allergies: meet 5 breeds

Although cats are generally thought to cause allergies because of their coat, the truth is that this issue is primarily related to a protein called Fel D1, which is located in the animal’s skin and saliva. Here are cat breeds that do not cause allergies.

Have you confirmed that you are allergic to animal hair? Still want to adopt one? So don’t miss this article. In it we’ll talk about which cat breeds do not cause allergies: just what you need to know.

What are the cat breeds that do not cause allergies?

People who are allergic to cats believe they cannot have one at home and choose not to adopt them. Or they even decide to abandon them or give them up for adoption when they discover the allergy.

Most allergies are caused by a protein called Fel D1, which is present in the animal’s skin and saliva, not its fur. Cats that do not cause allergies produce less of this substance. Therefore, we recommend:

1. Siberian cat

If you get close to that cat and don’t start sneezing, it’s because the fur doesn’t produce allergies.  This breed is very hairy! And it is one of the most recommended for allergic owners.

The Siberian Cat – the photo that opens this article – is affectionate, loyal and docile. He loves spending hours close to his owner and playing games even after he’s grown up. Due to the characteristics of its coat, and to prevent the hair from matting, brush it several times a week.

2. Devon rex

It has a shorter coat than most cats, but that is not the reason why it is recommended for allergy sufferers. The reason is your Fel D1 production level. In addition, it is worth noting that it is a breed that sheds very little hair, which will not cause sneezing and any other respiratory problems.

devon rex cats

Devon rex is a feline that prefers to be accompanied to be happy. It can be destructive when left alone or when it has no one to play with (especially another cat). In addition to this care, it is important to pay attention to your ears, as they produce excessive cerumen.

3. Balinese

Similar to the Siamese, but a little more robust, the Balinese is one of the cats that do not cause allergies, despite having an abundant coat. It doesn’t require a lot of brushing, just comb it a few times a week to prevent knots from forming.


The Balinese is friendly, playful and an ideal companion for those who lead a sedentary life lying on the couch or in bed all weekend. Also, keep in mind that he doesn’t like to be alone and may meow if he misses company.

4. Oriental wide-haired cat

Also called Javanese, it is one of the best breeds of cats for people with allergies. It is characterized by having the elegance of the oriental cat and the Siamese, but with a longer coat. Its fur is fine and silky, and it can be any color.

The wide-haired Oriental is the most independent on the list, not needing to be accompanied all the time. He even likes to spend several hours alone to rest, play or play tricks.

5. Russian blue cat

Do you know why this is one of the cats that do not cause allergies? Because of your thick skin! What happens is that the allergens are trapped between the skin and the hair, preventing their contact with people and the environment.

russian blue cat

The Russian blue cat has a “spongy” appearance and is medium in size. Its green eyes and long tail draw attention. As for his temperament, he is an intelligent, affectionate and ideal cat to live in an apartment with a family.

In addition to choosing from the cats that do not cause allergies listed above, keep in mind that males produce more secretions than females, especially if they are not neutered. Also, remember that puppies cause fewer allergic symptoms than adult felines.

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