Cats Can Also Be Faithful Friends

Cats can also be faithful friends.

There are some false truths that common sense helps to spread. One says that domestic cats are incapable of bonding with humans as intensely and emotionally as dogs.

However, there were not many studies to support this statement. That myth began to crumble when,  after the Affinity Foundation declared 2016 the year of pussies, an investigation showed that cats can also be faithful friends.

Burying myths about cats and their relationship to people

To conduct the study, the professionals used the so-called theory of social exchange, which indicates that the human-animal relationship is based on interaction, emotional bond, and the perceived cost. After interviewing 347 people who have cats as pets, it was concluded that the relationship with felines was much closer and more affectionate than one could imagine.

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Among the research findings, we can highlight that, among people who own cats:

  • 94% like to watch their feline.
  • 92% pet the animal frequently, while 79% do it at least once a day.
  • 90% talk to the pet many times a day and 65% do it daily.
  • 86% play with the cat regularly and another 65% do it at least once a day.
  • 86% like the pussy to have its own personality, while 77% are satisfied with the animal’s independent temperament.

For the avoidance of doubt, cats can also be great friends.

In addition, the study was also able to clearly distinguish two large groups of cat owners. One of them (about 65% of people) has a very intense relationship with the pet, both in their interactions and emotional bond. The rest (35%) have a relationship of less closeness and bond.

These data help to dispel the myth that people who have cats cannot get emotionally involved with felines, unlike what happens with dogs.

In addition, respondents consider that their cat:

  • It is a constant companion (83%).
  • It’s always there when you need it (67%).
  • Helps to overcome difficult moments (65%).

Other survey data

From research by the Affinity Foundation, it was found that:

  • Women are able to develop a closer relationship with cats  than men.
  • Pets that were store-bought or that came home as a gift have a cooler relationship with their owners, from a human perspective.
  • Parents who do not have children form a stronger bond with cats.
  • Cat care is a simple task for 72% of owners.
  • 72% of respondents consider that living with a domestic feline is not a problem.
  • The pet does not interfere with the routine and activities of 58% of the owners.
  • 50% of the people interviewed by the survey claim that the expenses generated by the furry are not excessive.

    When an opportunity arises, adopt a cat.

    Animals can transmit disease

    There seems to be no doubt that cats can also be our faithful friends without the need to compare them to dogs.

    The truth is, as my mother always said, if you don’t like cats, it’s because you never had one.

    Maybe that’s why 70% of Spaniards who were lucky enough to live with a feline have chosen this beautiful animal as a pet again.

    So don’t hesitate when sharing your life with a cute kitten. We are sure you will not regret it.

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