Cat Dies Of Intoxication After Being Dyed Pink By Its Owner

Cat dies intoxicated after being dyed pink by its owner

Animal rights advocates screamed when they heard about the cat case of Elena Lenina, a Russian writer, who dyed her cat pink at a party. The cat died of intoxication after its owner dyed it, after ingesting the toxic dye after licking its fur.

The cat died of intoxication after its owner dyed it pink at a party, after poisoning herself with the dye that was used on its fur. The woman, a Russian writer named Elena Lenina, wanted the animal to be the main star of a pink party, where everyone, including the feline, should go that color.

When she stopped paying attention to the matter of the cat’s color and stopped looking at him carefully, that’s when the animal started to lick her fur. This caused him to ingest the toxic dye and die of poisoning.

The woman received great rejection from animal advocates for her behavior with the animal.

But the writer defended herself; according to her “the pink color was chosen for its healing properties and also because it strengthens the cat’s fur. My vet told me it was beneficial for him.”

But, unfortunately, this is not the only case of accidental poisoning of an animal due to negligence or whim of the owners.

Many animals die from intoxication because their owners do not keep some products out of the animals’ reach. For example:

1. Cigarettes

Alguns produtos são tóxicos para os animais

A small dog or a cat can die when chewing just 3 cigarettes. The tobacco contained in 3 cigarettes is toxic enough to cause the death of one of these pets.

Quit smoking products such as nicotine gum, the liquid that goes inside electronic cigars, and stickers are also toxic as they contain very high levels of nicotine.

If an animal consumes any of these products and it has an increased heart rate, neurological symptoms, loss of bladder or bowel control, tremors, seizures, or paralysis, you should take the animal to the veterinarian immediately.

2. Antiseptic gel

Antiseptic gel is a product that has gained great popularity in recent years. They are necessary, practical and they are everywhere: on the table, in the bathroom, in the bag, in the car…

But they contain a high percentage of alcohol, in such a way that if the dog ingests it, it will cause an alcohol intoxication, which would produce in the animal a severe low in blood sugar, loss of coordination, loss of body temperature, depression of the nervous system, as well as, or even, death.

3. Sugar-free gum or candy

Cuidados com animais de estimação

These elements can contain xylitol. This substance is used as a sugar substitute and a small amount is enough to cause weakness, collapse, tremors and convulsions in the animals.

To avoid this, it is necessary to review what components the sweets that are around the house have, and keep them out of reach of our little friends.

4. Inhalers

Inhalers that people with asthma have contain high levels of albuterol and fluticasone. If a dog pierces or bites an inhaler, it can be exposed to massive doses of powerful medications that can cause vomiting, agitation, cardiac arrhythmia, collapse and, ultimately, death.

It is important to remember that if an animal ingests any such product or any other potentially toxic product, it should not be expected that it shows signs of intoxication or that it is very ill, what should be done is to take it immediately to the veterinarian, as this is often the only thing that can save our pet’s life.

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