Benefits Of Having Two Dogs At Home

Benefits of having two dogs at home

In addition to being able to play together, having two dogs at home will help avoid separation anxiety suffered by some pets. Learn more below!

Maybe you think it’s a lot of work, that they need a lot of space, or that food expenses will be high. However, having two dogs at home has more benefits than you might think.

Two dogs at home?

If you already have a pet and are thinking about adopting a second one, you need to take several factors seriously. Consider that “problems” and expenses will double.

However, keep in mind that your dog will feel much better when you go out, as he won’t be completely alone.  So it’s likely that this idea has already crossed your mind.

Certainly, things will get a little complicated, but the work will not “double”, as we can assume.

In fact, having two dogs in the house can help you save money if you buy lots of food. Next, we’ll talk about some benefits of having two dogs at home:

1. Permanent company

Pets are our usual companions, no doubt about it. However, sometimes they get tired and lose the desire to play.

This becomes more difficult if, instead of one, we have two dogs in the house. Perhaps, while one enjoys a nap in bed, the other will come and stay with us. That way, we will never feel alone!

Advantages of having two dogs at home

2. Exercise: yes or yes

Taking a dog to the park or walking around the block is enough to train him. However, can you imagine what happens when there are two dogs in the house? 

Certainly one goes faster than the other and makes you walk faster than normal.  This is perfect if you’re missing classes at the gym or are too lazy to exercise.

3. Dog happiness

One of the most common behavioral problems in dogs, especially in breeds like the cocker spaniel, is separation anxiety.

Being alone all day or a large part of it causes them to get depressed, break things, urinate everywhere, or engage in aggressive behavior.

This doesn’t happen when there are two dogs in the house. Yes, it is true that they can “join together” to do wrong things.

But the truth is, they’ll be so happy together that they won’t even have time to chew on furniture or steal socks.

Plus, you won’t have complaints from neighbors about barking, howling or ‘loud’ crying all day long.

4. Budget

One of the issues we should consider when deciding to adopt a second pet is the issue of budget.

In fact,  the expense is literally not double what we spend, even if it’s two animals.

You can take advantage and buy a large bag of feed, which costs less than several smaller ones with the same amount. In addition to having food for several weeks, you will save money.

The same can be applied to toys, antiparasitic pipettes or even visits to the veterinarian.

Perhaps the vet will only charge you for an appointment or give you a discount for bringing both dogs on the same day.

Two Dogs at Home: Learn the Benefits

If you plan to adopt a second pet, think about it. Keep in mind that the responsibility is doubled.

It is essential that both animals are in good condition and that nothing is missing.

Finally, we  recommend that you analyze the personality of the dog that already lives with you to see if he would like to have a new friend.

If your pet is over five years old, it is not a good idea to bring a puppy.

Think that the newcomer will have a lot more energy and the adult will not be as patient to keep up with him.

As soon as the “new member” arrives, you will have to introduce them to the house and pay attention to how they both behave.

There are likely to be disputes over territory, food, bed or pampering. Before long, however, they will become inseparable – and you’ll realize it was the best decision you ever made.

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