Benefits Of Combining Moist Food With Another Type Of Food

Benefits of combining moist food with another type of food

Choosing our dog’s food is not always an easy task. It’s not enough to just go to the pet food section of a supermarket and choose between wet and dry foods. There are other factors that must be considered.

In principle, not all wet or dry foods have the same quality, nor are they advisable for any type of animal.

There are animal owners who consider that dry rations are better, more balanced and balanced. There are also those who think that canned foods are more interesting.

Types of diet between wet and dry foods

According to the humidity and amount of water in its composition,  there are three types of food and diet for dogs : the wet diet (which we know as canned food), the dry diet (such as pet food) and the so-called semi-moist diet , with a mixture of both.

The wet diet for pets

Moist foods can be very attractive to dogs, very appetizing. But that doesn’t mean it’s always the best choice. If the dog has a sedentary lifestyle, for example, it is recommended to avoid having his diet composed only of this type of food.

Lack of control in the amount of moist food can cause obesity and other problems, as canned products tend to be more caloric.

Food quality is also a very important factor  when choosing canned food. In the market we find everything, especially cheaper products, manufactured and packaged with poor quality ingredients.

the dry diet

Many animal nutrition experts prefer a dry diet over canned food. Feed or other dry foods provide a greater nutritional balance for our pets. In addition, a dry diet is more beneficial for oral hygiene. By crushing and chewing the feed grains, the animal avoids the appearance of plaque on the teeth.

Semi-moist meat

The third type of pet food combines both dry and wet diets. Typically, these products are found on the market in the form of hamburgers, ground beef or pieces. They have more moisture than dry food, but much less than canned food.

While canned foods have a moisture content close to 80%, semi-moist products have between 15% and 30% moisture.

This option may not be as attractive to our animals, but it is less energetic and healthier.

Homemade food

If the dog is happy with the usual food, there is no need to change it, especially if it is of good quality. In most cases,  our pets are very sensitive to dietary changes, which can cause unwanted effects such as stomach upset and diarrhea.

It is not a good practice to let our animals approach the kitchen while we prepare food from home. In many cases, some food may fall on the floor, which will end up in the stomachs of our furry friends.

Veterinarians always recommend removing animals from cooking or eating areas.

Moist food for specific cases

Some wet foods were designed for the specific needs or conditions of our pets. Dogs with urinary tract problems, for example, can consume canned food with the necessary amount of moisture.

In the market, you can find a wide variety of canned food for special cases. There are specialized products for cases where our dog needs a specific diet. As examples, we have: diet by age group, for allergies, food sensitivity or other illness, whether chronic or acute.

It is very important that, before choosing a special product, you consult a trusted veterinarian.

Some tips on packaged foods

  • do not mix food
  • It is important to check the product label and check the manufacturer’s information, moisture content and the ingredients  that make up the product.
  • The manufacturer must be reliable, known  and have good references.
  • The food leftovers in our pet’s bowl must be removed, whether wet or dry. Don’t leave them there for several days.
  • As we have seen,  leftover homemade food is not a good option  to feed our pets.

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