Basset Hound, Dog Stays With His Little Owner Until The End

Basset Hound, dog stays with its little owner until the end

Fidelity, without a doubt, is the most striking characteristic of dogs and, in stories like this, it becomes even more evident. A Basset Hound dog showed an unlimited love for his little owner who was only 6 months old. Do you want to know this beautiful story?

The Basset Hound arrives at its new home

John and Mary are dog lovers. So when they got married, they adopted a beautiful Basset Hound puppy so they could share their life with him. It wasn’t part of the couple’s plans to have a baby, at least not right now. They wanted to enjoy the wedding and also the new four-legged member of their little family.

The handsome Basset Hound grew up happily with his human parents and they loved each other more and more each day. Until, after a few years, Mary made an important announcement to the family: they would have to buy a baby carriage, as she was pregnant!

The family dog ​​(we don’t know his name, but we’ll call him Basset), didn’t know why his owners were laughing and crying at the same time, but he still couldn’t help jumping around them.

The dog soon noticed that Mary’s belly was growing and that she was cuddling and cuddling. The dog sniffed her belly curious to know what was going on. Months passed and one day Mary came home crying, saying that the doctor had told her that there were complications in her pregnancy and that everything seemed to indicate that the baby would not be born healthy.

Basset wanted to play, but soon saw that John and Mary were crying a lot. It didn’t make much difference to be told this was not a good time.

However, hope was still alive and they continued to lead a normal life throughout the pregnancy, until the day arrived. The long awaited day to see little Nora’s face.

And Nora comes into the world…

baby and dog

Everything seemed to go well, and Nora was a beautiful girl. The family had finally grown up! However, doctors warned that parents should be alert to all the care that the girl needed.

Basset loved Nora, he couldn’t be separated from his crib, the dog had a new friend. Everything went very well until Nora was 5 months old. Unconscious, they had to take her to the hospital where they diagnosed a stroke.

Basset went to the hospital, refused to stay at home and climbed into his car despite the owners demanding that he leave. John and Mary had only one question: How could such a small baby have a stroke?

There was no explanation, but there was one thing that was clear: Nora’s brain was so damaged that they had to induce the little one into a coma. Fatal news for first-time parents. Now they just had to wait.

But Basset was certain he would not let his family go through this tragedy alone. He lay down on Nora’s bed and remained there without moving, until the little girl finally passed away. Nora’s father also remained in bed at all times with his faithful friend and his little girl.

After all that, they came to the conclusion that Nora was born with pulmonary hypertension, which is an incurable disease. Sadly, this was a sign that the little girl’s death was already announced.

Pulmonary hypertension is a considerable narrowing of the arteries that carry blood from the lungs to the heart. When these arteries narrow, blood does not pass, thus producing a pressure that leads to death.

However, even within the sadness that this story brings us, the fidelity, loyalty, friendship and also the selfless love of Basset towards little Nora and also towards her family is a further demonstration that the dog is the man’s best friend, even more than the man himself.

No matter what the circumstance we go through, our dog will never abandon us and it is very likely that he will surprise us with his actions, as in the case of this furry one with so much love to give.

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