Attention! Sausages With Pins!

Attention!  Sausages with pins!

As much as I think about it, I will never be able to understand how there are people capable of harming animals. I have never seen anything more beautiful and loving than an animal, and the fact that there are people who like to harm them takes me out of my wits. So I’m glad this news about sausages with pins is going viral and we’ll soon be able to find the culprits.

We at “My Animals” ask for your help to share this article and, let’s do this, so that this news reaches as many people as possible. In Spain, there are certain people with bad intentions and who are plotting something horrible to harm our pets. We’ll tell you all about it.

Sausages with pins, the beginning

On Twitter there was a public campaign with the title “Watch your dog” where it was said that someone had put pins in sausages and that they were distributed to various parks in Barcelona so that dogs or cats could eat them and die. How can anyone be that bad?

Although, as a rule, we do not like the police to monitor our social networks, thanks to this act, they were able to intervene in this case and got their hands dirty as soon as they heard about the fact via Twitter.

police advice

To alleviate the anguish of pet owners, the police suggested that we not panic and that we could remain calm, as if something prevented their dog from breathing, it would be possible to perform the Heimlich maneuver.

sausages with pins

This maneuver consists of carrying out, with easy movements, the extraction of the object that is obstructing your pet’s breathing.

Also, the police began investigating the case in question to find out who was carrying it out. We do not know where the investigation is at, but we are certain that thanks to the efficiency and help of everyone, it will be possible to punish the culprits. Possibly you are wondering what you could do to help.

Your help is also needed in the fight against sausages with pins.

This is a kind of hidden animal abuse and, as we always say, it is necessary to denounce. If you see in a park, or anywhere else that pets hang out, someone who appears to be doing something out of the ordinary, report it immediately.

We shouldn’t always expect someone to leave an animal without water or food. There are other kinds of things that we can denounce, because they leave no room for doubt about their intentions.

For example, in the case of the sausages with pins, the police were quite confident that there were witnesses who saw someone placing the sausages with pins in key places through which the animals passed.

sausages with pins

The testimony of trustworthy people in investigations like this has always played a very important role in their outcome.

So, it doesn’t matter that what you see seems unimportant to you, report it, if it’s nothing, there’s no problem, but what if it is? It’s always better to regret what you do, than what you don’t do.

This was not the only case

Although it is one of the most recent cases, this was not the only case where people wanted to harm our pets.

For example, just this year in Mexico, there was a highly publicized case of poisoning in a well-known park in a Mexican city. Some unscrupulous people dedicated themselves to leaving poisoned food for the animals, causing some of them to die.

Spain is tightening its laws against animal abuse and we are sure that many other countries are also doing the same. Your help is essential, don’t be silent, let’s fight the abuse together.

Photo credits: Spanish National Police Twitter 

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