Are There Any Vegetarian Dogs?

Are there vegetarian dogs?

Even though it seems strange to us, in many countries there are vegetarian dogs. The highest rate of dogs that are required to follow this type of food is found in the United States and the United Kingdom. Is it good for a pet to follow the same diet or philosophy as its owner? In this article, we’ll cover that.

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A pet does not choose to eat this or that food on its own, unless it does not like a certain food. We can assume that, by nature, dogs are omnivores and cats are carnivores. Animal Nutrition experts suggest that we cannot fail to provide our pets with all the nutrients they need, no matter how much the owners don’t consume them.

Physiologically speaking, puppies’ teeth are adapted to cutting, pulling and shredding meat or animals. They don’t have molar teeth, that is, teeth made for vegetable consumption.

As for the digestive system, your stomach was designed to digest meat, even raw, but it does not have gastric juices to digest vegetables.

Those people who, for different reasons, have decided to follow a vegetarian diet are likely to set the same restrictions for themselves and their pets. Furthermore, in countries where many people who do not consume meat live, there is vegetarian or even vegan food.

However, offering the dog a diet lacking in certain elements (especially meat) can be a big mistake. This decision reflects a habit known as “humanization”. In this case, the owners consider their pet a person, who, consequently, must follow the same diet as them.

When feeding a dog or a cat, there is a tendency to mix up concepts. It’s not the owner’s desires or philosophy, but the animals’ real needs. It is curious how pet owners decide what their pet can and cannot eat, exclusively, according to their own design and not after seeking information about this type of food from those who know the subject (for example, veterinarians) .

What Doctors Say About Dogs That Are Vegetarian

For the time being, there are no studies that show definitively that vegetarian food for an animal can be good or bad. Even though it is possible to offer this type of diet to the dog and not cause any harm to his health, this does not mean that this eating habit is best for the dog.

When choosing dog food, it is essential that it provide all the vitamins and other nutrients necessary for its life. A dog can then follow a meatless diet, as long as it is combined and supplemented with supplements that provide the nutrients that plant foods lack.

It is very important that the person who decides that their dog will become a vegetarian pays a visit to the veterinarian. The doctor will be able to tell you what kind of food will be most beneficial to him and what vegetables or fruits the dog can consume. In addition, if he is in some special phase of his life (pregnancy, old age, illness), he should return to an omnivorous eating habit.

Keep an eye on vegetarian dogs

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In addition, we must take into account that a dog cannot become a vegetarian overnight, as his owner might have done. Animals are very attached to their daily habits and need to change their behavior gradually. Therefore, you can remove the meat little by little or always offer more vegetables, rice, etc.

You should also take into account that your dog will probably not accept the new food at first because he will miss the meat. If every day he ate pieces of beef, chicken or turkey breast and suddenly stumbled across a plate of carrots, chard and zucchini, he might not find this “familiar” taste. So, if you want your pet to become a vegetarian, you must introduce the food change in your mind gradually and understand that if he doesn’t like the current food, it’s because he doesn’t understand why it has changed.

If you don’t eat meat, you can offer your pet food that contains it, without the need to consume it yourself. As much as this is your philosophy of life, your dog doesn’t have to pay for the consequences of his choice. See if, when changing the diet, he became more tired, with less energy or without strength. This could be a sign that you are lacking nutrients that vegetables cannot provide.

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