Are Cats Afraid Of Fireworks Too?

Are cats also afraid of fireworks?

Much has been said about the fear dogs have of fireworks, because of their auditory sensitivity and other reasons. They are really scared and some even develop phobias. Now, are  cats also afraid of these fires ?

This is the topic that we are going to deal with in this article. If you have a cat, knowing if the noises bother you and how to act to help the pussy can improve your relationship with it.

Do cats bother with fireworks?

Yes,  rockets and loud noises annoy cats the same way they do dogs. Cats are animals that like routine and tranquility. When something like loud noises or rockets change their routine, they can get upset.

Like dogs, when they hear firecrackers or some unusual noise, they want to run away, hide or even escape. However, as not everyone is the same, there are some cats that, instead of having these attitudes, show tremors or begin to meow.

How can I help my cat if he’s afraid of firecrackers?

If you have the possibility to predict when the noise of firecrackers will happen, as in a celebration or in June festivals, we advise that you anticipate.

  1. Show your cat some high places where he can climb and feel safer. Heights, we don’t know why, make them feel more protected. Perhaps, from a higher place, they feel stronger. Leave something that belongs to him, like a blanket or a toy, so that he feels that this is one of his places and that he doesn’t get scared because he’s at home.
  2. Close windows and blinds. Even if your windows are double glazed, your cat has a very developed auditory sense, so protecting the windows from noise will not be enough. Close the windows tightly and lower the blinds. This will muffle sounds and make your kitten more peaceful.
  3. Remove the obstacles. If you already know where he usually hides, remove any obstacles you might find in his way so he doesn’t trip and get hurt.
  4. Don’t hide your food. Keep your food and water close at hand. Don’t hide them as punishment or blackmail him out of hiding. Take a break and hope that he is the one who leaves and that he can eat and drink when he feels like it and feels safe.
  5. Don’t scold him. Think that your attitude is driven by instinct, you can’t control it. Don’t scold him, it can only make the situation worse.

Other tricks for cats afraid of rockets

  1. Don’t try to calm them down. Don’t pick him up to pet him, among other things, because he doesn’t want to feel trapped and hopeless. Also, if you try to calm down, it will make him believe that his behavior is normal and, next time, he may go even further to get your pampering.
  2. Speak softly. Quietly, but not touching, tell him that nothing happened, that you are there with him and that it will all be over soon.
  3. Be by your side. If you saw where he hid, go to him. Feeling his presence, even if he doesn’t go with you, will make him feel safe and secure.
  4. Watch the doors and windows. It is possible that fear causes you to try to escape. So, watch the doors, windows and other places where he could go out, so that they are well closed and secure.

Don’t worry about your cat’s reaction to the noise of the firecrackers. It’s totally normal. Protect the animal as much as possible and do what you can to make the situation more bearable.

There are some products on the market that create a relaxed atmosphere through scents that your cat will love and that can also help calm your nerves.

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