Animals In Football Team Shields

Animals in football team shields

The animals on football team shields are generally related to the culture and city they represent, in addition to which they may also refer to local myths and legends.

Ever wonder why there are animals on football shields? What is the relationship between this sport and the species chosen to represent the team? Below, we’ll give some examples!

Examples of animals on football shields

If you are a fan of the sport, you may have noticed that the colors, as well as the team’s shields and flags, are not chosen at random.

Each of them was designed following a theme or taking into account local culture, history and traditions.

And in case you’ve wondered why there are animals on football shields, here we’ll talk about five examples:

1. Valencia FC (Spain)

We start this list with one of the most unique shields that include an animal, not just anyone, but a black bat.

The mammal is holding its own shield with its wings, which has the team name, vertical stripes in yellow and red, and a ball in the center.

The Rat Penat (bat, in Valencian), symbol of the team’s shield (image that opens this article,  also appears on the city shield and in several ancient legends.

Furthermore, the animal is said to be a symbol of good omen after it “aided” King James I in the conquest of Valencia in 1238.

2. Tottenham Hotspur (England)

This Premier League team stands out for having one of the most curious animals on football shields: a rooster on a ball. The bird is blue with a white head and the emblem border is blue.

5 animals in shields

In 1921, this shield was presented for the first time, as the team’s representative for the FA Cup final.

As fans liked the idea, they kept the ‘character’ with spurs, like those used for fights. Since then, the design has been modified. In 1966, the ball was added and, since 1997, it has been permanently used in the official shirt.

3. AS Roma (Italy)

It is one of the most important teams in Italy, which was founded in 1927 after the merger of three entities in the capital: Alba Audace, Fortitudo pro Roma and Roman Football Club.

With that, the idea was that this union could defeat the giants of the north: Milan, Inter and Juventus.

animals in football shields

To create the shield, nothing more and nothing less than the wolf Luperca was chosen. The animal appears in the legend of the founding of the city, which took care of Romulus and Remus and saved them from death.

After several design changes, the current shield is half orange and half red. In addition, at the top is the  wolf, with her brothers, and below it is written ROMA and 1927, the year the club was founded.

4. Olympique Lyon (France)

Here is another animal in football shields that is related to legends and myths. This French team, founded in 1899, was established as an official team in the 50’s. That’s why we have a shield more than private.

5 animals in football shields

Its shield is closely related – as it happens on many occasions – with the origin of the city, in this case, Lyon.

Therefore, both were inspired by local heraldry. That way we have a lion standing on its hind legs.

The current design is red at the top, with orange letters indicating the team name. The bottom is blue. In addition, the golden lion is depicted in front of a white circle, next to an L.

5. Atlético de Madrid (Spain)

Here we have an animal that undoubtedly refers to its hometown. Atlético de Madrid chose the famous “bear”, symbol of the Spanish capital, whose origin dates back to the 13th century.

Atletico Madrid Shield

The bear and the strawberry tree (tree) also appear on the city’s shield. At that time, bears were very common around the fledgling village.

The emblem is completed by four red and three white vertical lines, blue borders and seven white stars.

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