An Animal Rescue Center Is In Danger In Bolivia

An animal rescue center was flooded in Bolivia, so it is urgent to help them.
An animal rescue center is in danger in Bolivia

The presence of the animal rescue center is much needed to protect wildlife, especially in countries where biodiversity and crimes against it are as rife as in Bolivia. The ONCA animal rescue center is seriously threatened by the latest floods and needs all the help it can get.

An underwater animal rescue center

The Organization for Natives and Amazon Conservation, also known as ONCA, is an animal rescue center located in the Bolivian Amazon, specifically between Madidi National Park and Pilón Lajas Natural Park.

Months ago, a flood from the nearby Beni River swept through several of the center’s facilities, including the veterinary clinic, volunteers’ rooms and kitchens.

Thanks to the tireless work of volunteers and workers at the center, no animals were harmed. Some animals, like primates, climbed the tallest trees to avoid being swallowed by the waters. 

Currently, ONCA is responsible for numerous species of monkeys: from the Guiana capuchin monkey to the squirrel monkey, passing through a group of spider monkeys and a trio of howler monkeys.

Other animals were relocated, such as the  coatis and some of ONCA’s latest rescues: two endangered feline cubs, the jaguar and the margay cat.

Feline rabies has no cure and, since it affects the central nervous system and causes encephalitis, it can kill the cat.

Likewise,  one of the main concerns of the center is the absence of a veterinary clinic and space for quarantine, without which it is impossible to guarantee the health of dozens of wild specimens that this animal rescue center saved from illegal wildlife trafficking. .

Most of these animals arrived at the center through complaints, and many of them were once pets of people who ended up donating them. At the ONCA camp, these animals can live a life that combines their natural habitat with the necessary veterinary care for abused animals.

ONCA’s work, more necessary than ever

This animal rescue center not only fights illegal trafficking and loss of biodiversity, it also  works closely with local communities in the Amazon to ensure that its conservation project supports those who live with the animals that ONCA takes over. and who are also part of the center’s staff.

Thus,  ONCA works with the Ese Ejja and Tacana native communities, with English classes, reforestation, school construction, delivery of school materials or educational activities  to raise awareness about the ecosystems that surround these people and learn from them.

To deal with this, the Bolivian animal rescue center asks for all the help it can get. Thus,  ONCA has posted a video on its website about what happened and various ways to collaborate economically, although simply disseminating this situation can also help with the work. We encourage you to collaborate so that this beautiful project continues.

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