Am I Allergic To Cats?

The symptoms that will reveal whether or not we have allergies can be seen in the respiratory system, eyes and skin, mainly.
Am I allergic to cats?

To know if you are allergic to cats, as many people are, it is essential to pay attention to certain signs and symptoms. So today we’ll talk more about that in this article.

cats and allergy

Allergies related to pets in general, and to cats in particular, are more common than we think. Especially among people who have other health problems, such as asthma.

It is necessary to understand that  for someone to be allergic to cats, their immune system must react in a specific way. This natural barrier is responsible for identifying foreign substances in the body and acting accordingly: with dermatitis, coughing, sneezing, skin rashes, etc.

When a person is allergic to pets, it is because their body reacts to innocuous proteins or allergens in the animal’s saliva, dandruff, fur, or urine.

When it comes to someone allergic to cats specifically,  the causative protein called Fel d 1 is present in the animal’s skin and spreads everywhere when it licks itself to clean itself  (something cats do continuously). Furthermore, it is also found in the salivary and sebaceous glands.

Under normal conditions, gall d 1 does not cause any symptoms or reactions, but in the case of people with a hypersensitive immune system, the consequence is allergy. But there are some breeds less likely to cause allergies:  sphynx  and  devon rex.

woman with cat allergy

Signs that you are allergic to cats

Who will determine the allergy will be a specialist, but through different skin tests, the truth is that we can identify different typical signs of being allergic to cats, such as:

  1. Congestion or runny nose

It is the most obvious sign that you are allergic to  cats. Some people start sneezing nonstop when a cat approaches them. Others notice a stuffy nose and there are cases where they secrete fluids, such as a runny nose. In addition, they may also have a reddened or sensitive nose.

  1. Redness and itchy eyes

When a cat’s fur floats in the air and comes into contact with the eyes, an allergic person’s reaction can be itching, irritation, redness, or even involuntarily shedding tears.

Be very careful not to rub your eyes in order to reduce itching, as this can be bad for your vision health. Always dry your eyes with a clean tissue and do not touch your face without washing your hands thoroughly.

  1. Breathing problems

If you are allergic to cats, you may experience certain breathing difficulties when you have a cat. In case you suffer from asthma, you will probably have to use your usual medication to reduce the symptoms. In addition, you may also have a cough, chest pain, wheezing, or chest tightness. It is very important that you ventilate the house or go outside to try to breathe better.

  1. Skin rashes

Also, some people who come into contact with cats who are allergic may suffer from skin problems: eczema, hives, redness, rash, itching or dryness.

Worst of all,  by scratching, in an attempt to reduce the itching, we can infect the area. Therefore, it is always recommended to wash your hands or even wear gloves at night to avoid getting hurt when you sleep.

animal hair allergy

I’m allergic to cats: what do I do?

If you’ve adopted a cat and then realized you’re allergic to it, as a first step, don’t abandon it. Each year, hundreds of pets are left to fend for themselves because the owners have respiratory or skin reactions to being in contact with them.

You may not be able to eliminate the allergy entirely, but you can reduce it a little with some methods, such as washing your hands after touching the animal or cleaning your litter box.

It is strictly forbidden for the cat to enter your room, as it will leave the allergens on the bed, carpet, curtains and clothes; also  try not to let him sit on the couch all day. Use a vacuum to periodically clean the house and open the windows daily to ventilate. This way, being allergic to cats will not become a nightmare for you.

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