All About The Pointer Race, One Of The Most Companions

The pointer is an animal intended for sport hunting because of its great qualities when it comes to locating prey. Besides, he can also become the best companion in the family.
All about the pointer race, one of the most companions

The pointer breed is formed by dogs that are agile and perfect companions for hunting. Your entire body is specially designed for this activity. In addition, it is an elegant, obedient and tenacious hunter, but it is also a good animal, sociable and that gets along well with the whole family.

It is perfect for owners who are sports lovers. After all, the pointer is the type of dog that needs to go out every day to exercise and expend energy, stay active and not get bored.

Possible origin of the race

Its origin is believed to date back to the 17th century, when they began to be used in Great Britain to locate hares.

By the 18th century they were already being crossed in large numbers for hunting, due to their excellent tracking abilities. English hunters were in charge of developing and defining the breed as we know it today.

Currently, it is not known exactly who the ancestors of the pointer dog are. There are several theories about its possible origin: some assert that it is the French arm, while others claim that it is the English arm.

There is even a third current that considers its direct ancestor to be the Spanish arm.

Pointer breed dog in the snow.

Morphological characteristics of the pointer breed

This breed has a broad chest, accompanied by well-developed, muscular legs. Its tail is medium in length, thick at the base and gradually tapering to the tip.

The pointer’s coat is thin, short, rigid and well attached to the body. Its colors cover a wide range of tones and blemishes. Among the most common are black, brown or orange, always on a white base. However, there are also copies with a single color or tricolors.

The eyes of this breed can be hazel or brown, always with a kind expression. The ears hang on the cheeks and are medium-sized with a pointed end.

skills of this dog

The pointer is considered one of the best hunting dogs due to its agility, speed and olfactory ability. It can track the faintest scent of any animal, even in hot, dry climates.

Pointers (which in English means “pointer”) owe their name to the characteristic position they adopt when locating prey.

They point with their snouts in the direction where the prey is. Furthermore, they remain immobile with one leg raised and bent. They usually stay in this position until their owner starts looking for prey.

Pointer in arid landscape

The temperament of the pointer

The pointer has a loving attitude towards all members of the family. Plus, he’s especially loyal, so his training isn’t all that difficult.

Because of their characteristics, they are wonderful with children and make great playmates.

His memory is amazing and he is also very docile and obedient, so his upbringing is usually fine. Both male and female are equally partners, and their training is done in the same way.

Specific care with the pointer breed

For those people who want to adopt a pointer breed dog, you must know that the city is not the ideal place for them. After all, this breed is intended for hunting, so it needs to spend a lot of energy during the day.

The pointer requires open spaces in which it can move and play freely. The ideal for this breed is a large house with an extensive garden. This is important because, if he doesn’t expend enough energy, he may adopt negative behaviors.

As with any breed of dog, it should be brushed periodically to avoid skin problems. In cases where they are taken to the field, the possible presence of parasites should be evaluated immediately after returning home.

It is worth noting that the pointer has drooping ears, and therefore it is prone to accumulate wax. For this reason, it is advisable to clean your ears periodically.

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