All About The Dog Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz

All about the dog Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz

The Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz dog breed was used to hunt and eradicate rats and rats on farms, marinas, warehouses, stables, boats and houses. Originally from Spain, from the region of Jerez de la Frontera, it emerged when the British settled in the region at the end of the 18th century. Around this time, they brought in terrier dogs to hunt small rodents. 

Over time, Terriers were bred with native Spanish dog breeds.


Characteristics of this dog

The Bodeguero Andaluz breed is generally cheerful and courageous. Its size is medium and its structure is stout. It can weigh 8kg and measure 40 centimeters. Its ears are triangular in shape, which gives it a friendly expression.

It is a slim, athletic and agile animal, similar to a Jack Russell Terrier.

It has a triangular head with a semi-flat skull, its muzzle is long. Its eyes are small and dark brown in color. The compact shape of its body allows this breed to have great agility to hunt rodents.

The Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz is a short-haired breed and generally comes in three colors: white, brown and black. Although the most common are the white coat.

Its coat doesn’t require much attention. Monthly baths are a suitable option. It is also advisable to brush your teeth regularly and also that they have their nails trimmed.

Since it is a breed of hunting dogs, they probably want to assert their instincts, hunting everything that crosses their paths, so it is very important that he takes all the necessary vaccinations for each stage of his life.

A current vaccination booklet is very important to keep your pets healthy.

As mentioned earlier, these little ones tend to have a white coat. It is the most recurrent shade in the breed, as this way the breeders could distinguish them from hunting.

In 1933, the first National Club of Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz was founded in Spain.

Four years later, a report containing the animal’s characteristics was written and, in 2000, the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture finally officially recognized it as a breed.

Temperament, health and care

The Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz is brave and has a very strong hunting instinct. It is also a very friendly, protective dog and gets along very well with children.

It adapts very well to any space, although it is always preferable that you get it used to spacious spaces. If it’s in a big garden or in a backyard, so much better.

This is the type of pet that needs to exercise its hunting instinct and the best way to do it is to keep it outdoors.

The Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz is a very healthy dog. To keep it always in good health, it is very important that the animal has an adequate nutritional plan.

It is also important that he exercise daily and take walks and walks of at least 30 minutes each day.

What are the other dog breeds originating in Spain?


Outras raças originárias da Espanha

Another breed of Spanish origin is the Dogo Canário. This medium-sized dog weighs between 45kg and 50kg, and its origin is found in the Canary Islands.

This breed has strong muscle build and an often possessive temperament. That’s why it’s very important that he be socialized as a puppy.

He is a great protector of his family and territory, not hesitating to scare off strangers with his low bark.

Another very popular Spanish breed is the Majorcan Shepherd . Medium in size, they can weigh up to 38kg.  Their origin is found in the Balearic Islands and they are very muscular dogs. Calm-tempered, they are very companions.

The Spanish Alano is another copy originating in Spain. It belongs to the group of dogs that were used in the past for herding cattle.

This type of animal is usually large, weighing up to 45kg and they make great guard dogs. Besides being very brave and faithful to their owners.

Finally, another Iberian breed of dog is the Spanish Galgo. They are very good athletes, especially runners.

Used in hunting, it is a large animal that can weigh up to 30kg. It is very noble and adapts very well to any space, it needs its daily quota of exercise.

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