Advice For Raising Canaries At Home

Advice for raising canaries at home

There are several factors to properly breeding canaries. Among them, offer a specific cage for the chosen couple. At first, the cage must have separation. Therefore, the paraphernalia need to be duplicated (feeder and drinker), as well as the material for the construction of the nest.

The canary has always been a bird that has been part of our lives. For years, this singing animal has become increasingly popular in homes as a pet. Today, there are many people who maintain this habit and even dedicate themselves to raising canaries, either for personal reasons or professionally.

Raising canaries at home: how to do it

To start raising canaries at home, you have to follow some simple steps. See them now:

The cage

Even if you already have a bird,  the cage you keep it in will not be suitable for raising canaries.  Therefore, there are some specific cages for this activity. 

They are characterized by compartments that create a barrier between the two animals that form a couple. As such, it will allow both birds not to see each other, but to hear each other.

The right cage to raise canaries

This separation consists of two parts: an opaque part and a grid. Both play an important role in breeding and breeding canaries. In a little while, we’ll tell you all about them.

choose the animals

Once you have the proper enclosure,  you must choose which canaries you want to create. For this, take into account that the physical characteristics will influence the appearance of the puppies. Therefore, depending on what color you want them to be, elegance or shape, you should choose one type of canary or another.

First of all, you need to know that within the canary family  there are different specimens, with different shapes and colors. So be clear about what you are looking for in puppies.  Be they for you, for gifts or for sale.

canary couple

Have everything you need at hand

Don’t wait until you gather the canaries to  have everything you need to build the nest. Also, remember that you should now have two drinkers, two feeders, and any other basic items each bird needs.

Don’t forget to give  the female calcium to help with egg quality. Also, store food for the puppies. If you are cautious and do all this before you even put them together, you will be preparing a successful canary farm.

help them get into heat

The first thing you should do is place a canary on each side of the cage with the two dividers,  the grid and the opaque divider. If you prefer, just use the opaque one. You should leave them like this for about 10 or 15 days. That way they can hear each other but cannot see each other. Then, this will awaken in them the desire to be together.

After this stage, it’s time to  remove the opaque separator and leave just the grid.  Now they can see each other, but they can’t touch each other. So keep it that way for another 10 or 15 days. At this point, it is advisable to give the mother the ration suitable for reproduction so that she can get used to eating it.

the time has come

Once the month has passed, it  ‘s time to remove the separator and let the canaries gather. They will have been craving for a long time, so it won’t take them long to mate. This period, which goes from mating to laying eggs, lasts about two weeks.

Make sure they have the materials they need so they can make the nest during this time.  There, the mother will lay the eggs. It’s that simple. As you can see, raising canaries at home is not complicated. So, following a few simple steps, you’ll have small canaries at home sooner than you think.

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