A Tender Story Of Friendship In The War In Afghanistan

A tender story of friendship in the war in Afghanistan

When we think of war, we imagine cruel and horrible situations. However, in the midst of so much death and despair, there is also some news that robs us of a smile. In this article, we’re going to tell an exciting story of friendship in Afghanistan. And then we will also comment on another case that could bring us to tears.

Afghan Friendship Story – Number 1

The protagonists of this precious story are the soldier Julian McDonald and a dog named “Layka”. Thanks to the animal, the boy is alive. The dog saved him while serving in the war and, in thanks, he decided to adopt him.

During the military action,  the furry was shot four times, when he did not hesitate a moment to put his body to protect his friend.  Very injured, the animal had to be taken to an emergency room. There he was operated on for seven hours. They had to amputate his front leg, however, they could save his life.

As a way to thank the courage and protection offered by his furry friend, Julian decided to adopt the puppy, who is now part of his family and lives happily despite his disability.

Afghan Friendship Story – Number 2

In the midst of bullets and bombs, no one would have thought that a friendship would emerge between a soldier and a dog. The story tells of US Naval Forces Elite sailor Craig Grossi and a furry “clumsy head and small paws” who lived on the street.

Craig was sent on a dangerous mission in the Sangin district of Afghanistan. He was left with his troops overnight. Since their arrival, they have had to protect their lives from Taliban attacks. A few days after this torment, he saw a dog lying in the middle of nowhere, a little thin, but with a calm demeanor.

Although it is common for dogs to walk in packs to protect themselves and stay away from humans, this furry dared to approach. I had some confidence and just wanted a little affection. The soldiers did not know what to do because they are prohibited from having contact with animals from other countries.

But as the animal was apparently stray (by its appearance) they decided to break the rules. They took him with them to the shelter, where he received a piece of dried meat. As a thank you, he wagged his tail and ate his ration. Craig couldn’t understand how an animal with almost no contact with people could be so docile.

When the man had to go back to his safe area, he couldn’t leave his new friend… who followed him everywhere! After being baptized with Fred’s name, he was welcomed as another member of the sailors’ camp. When he told his superiors of his intention to keep the dog, the adoption formalities began. In the midst of this, the man was sent on a new mission. It took three months to meet with him. Where was the dog all along? At Craig’s house in New York!

Afghan Friendship Story – Number 3

Finally, we’ll tell the beautiful story about three stray dogs that stopped soldier Chris Duke from dying after a bomb exploded. But, going back a bit in history, it all started when the American became friends with these three furry ones, to whom he gave food and water, sharing his own daily ration.

For weeks, the animals (who had been named Rufus, Target and Sacha) were very grateful and showed gratitude and affection for the soldier. One morning, a suicide bomber tried to break into the cabin where Duke slept. But the dogs prevented the intruder from entering. In the turmoil, the man activated the explosive he was carrying and took his own life.

In this tragedy, one of the dogs died and two were seriously injured. After saving their lives, the soldier asked permission to adopt them and bring them to his home in the United States, where they live as a family.

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