A Puppy Triumphs As An Air Traffic Controller In The United States

A puppy triumphs as an air traffic controller in the United States

As everyone knows, the dog is an incredibly intelligent being that is capable of developing itself in different tasks. However, no one expected them to be animals capable of developing the task of air traffic control.

It became even for the curious, a source of great surprise. This difficult task is performed by a beautiful puppy in the United States, and far from not having a good income, this little friend with four legs has been more than successful in his work.

In this article, we’ll talk about the amazing story that demonstrates how man  ‘s best friend can also become, on occasion, his best employee.

an amazing little dog

The protagonist of this incredible feat is Piper, a beautiful Border Collie dog. He is seven years old and is the true idol of Michigan City’s Cherry Capital Airport, where he works as an efficient air and wildlife controller.

When people see him they think it’s a joke or recording a comedy movie, since it looks like he’s going to fly the planes, when we see him wearing special glasses that protect his eyesight and a helmet to protect your ears from the  loud noise

However, this is not just what this cute little dog does, his job at the airport consists of chasing birds or any other small animal that finds itself in the flight path of artifacts that arrive and leave the runway. That’s why  he’s one of the people in charge of ensuring that nothing serious happens during takeoffs.

An efficient air traffic controller

People around him say that  Piper is a real worker who is always dedicated to doing a good  job to receive the  affection  and rewards of his superiors, whom he loves and respects as if they had always been members of his family.

Furthermore, it is important to point out that this beautiful little dog was very well trained by the members of the airport to be able to develop his work  there. They placed great emphasis on their obedience in off-leash control, as, as seems obvious, the task Piper performs requires a lot of self-control.

In the same way, in addition to controlling the wildlife of the place, this dog is a great air traffic controller that knows how to watch the perimeter of the area, impressively determining the presence of holes in the fences, which can be very dangerous at airports.

Deserved rest

As with the human being, although this little four-legged companion can work tirelessly, he needs a good rest to recover the energies that, although he does not feel, are usually lost with so many hours of non-stop work.

However, Piper is reluctant about this, as even when he works, he enjoys like few others doing what he does and receiving the affection of all the people at the airport, due to the fact that he is passionate about his work.

Unfortunately, as its will is relentless, this puppy had to rest after breaking one of its paws while chasing a white owl on the runway. Such a bird is one of their favorite prey.

As one of his airport handlers commented, Piper will be able to return to his activities within a short time, as he is recovering better than expected. Therefore, it is expected that this incredible air and fauna controller will be with his companions very soon.

Without a doubt, the intelligence and ability of puppies are qualities that go far beyond what anyone can imagine.

Its ability is so indisputable that there are already those who guarantee that instead of robots, humans could, in the future, use dogs for certain tasks.

Image source: www.lavanguardia.com

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