A Place To Have Coffee, Chat With Friends And Adopt A Dog

A place to have coffee, chat with friends and adopt a dog

Among the advances in public establishments where you can have a coffee, talk to friends and adopt a dog, there are more and more options.

In California there is already an example of these places where you can have a coffee and adopt

There is a new location in Los Angeles, California, which revolutionized the idea of adopting pets. For all people who love dogs and can’t resist having a coffee, this is the ideal place.

The Dog Coffee is located in Los Angeles, California, and offers an innovative experience for those who visit it, as while having a coffee during a good chat, everyone is surrounded by adoptable dogs, customers can interact with them to see what best suits your tastes and preferences, or simply to know which one you have better chemistry with.

The origin of these dogs is abandonment. They have been rescued, taken to this place and are waiting for a home where they can stay forever.

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How did the idea come about

The idea came from a Pennsylvania woman named Sarah Wolfanng, who lived for 16 years in South Korea and who has always worked at animal shelters. His concern with finding homes for those who were not adopted in these places was the driving force behind the creation of this innovative café.

This is based on the idea that dogs and humans can spend a pleasant time together, get to know each other, play, and all this in a relaxed atmosphere, without the pressure that, for example, there is in an animal shelter. Dogs and coffee drinkers can see each other, get to know each other and, after a while, choose each other.

But there is not just the option of taking one of these dogs home and adopting him. All people who love being with dogs and interacting with them, and cannot have one at home for whatever reason, has the possibility to have physical contact with the dogs that are in this center.

These establishments arrived in Spain

Following the North American example, the so-called “Cat-cafés” are arriving in Spain. The idea is that people who want to can have a coffee surrounded by cats, read a newspaper or use the wifi network while enjoying the furry caresses of the pussies that live there. Of course, it is also possible to adopt one of the many animals that are there and take it home.

An example of this is the so-called “Gatoteca” in Madrid, where coffee lovers share their time with some peculiar companions: cats. Its director explains: “This place is  the first  cat-café  in Spain, a café-space where the pussies that live there enjoy the same freedom they would have in a private home.”

What to do in Gatoteca? While enjoying a great coffee, you can collaborate in feeding the cats, or read a fantastic book with one of these little felines in your lap. If you want to enjoy the local Wifi network, mobile devices and their functions will be in the company of pussies.

the origin of everything

These so-called “cat-cafés” are not new. In Taiwan, Taipei was the first city to open one of these places where you can interact with cats. It was in 1998 that these establishments began to appear to take care of the cats and, at the same time, relax.

In Japan, more precisely in Osaka, a “cat-café” was also opened in 2004. This place was designed for those who love cats and who do not have enough time or space at home to care for or adopt a pussy.

This cafeteria is a real paradise for its furry tenants. And also for its human visitors, who can spend the afternoon petting the animals, feeding them and playing with the cats that inhabit it.

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Source: Apollo Peak Cat Facebook

Other cities with cat-cafés

This ingenious idea is already spreading around the world. Different cities such as Tokyo, London, Budapest, Vienna and Paris (in 2013, Paris opened its new “Le café des chats”) are joining this movement of cat-friendly places.

For all people who do not have enough time or space at home to live with their own cat, these places are the best option. There it is possible to have coffee, play, feed the pussies and enjoy the affection they offer. It is an excellent option to eliminate stress and anxiety from work.

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