A Leopard Cub And A Puppy Became Friends

A leopard cub and a puppy became friends

Who never dreamed that animals were friends with each other and that we could be by their side , watching them, without fear that they will hurt us?

Today this seems like a utopia. That’s why touching stories of friendships or relationships between animals that are nothing alike, not even in size, race, or personality, keep touching us and stealing our hearts. We are sure that this one, in which a leopard and a dog became friends, will thrill you.

A leopard and a dog became friends. The idea is born


Ruuxa is a leopard cub that was abandoned by her mother . She was born in a zoo in San Diego, USA, where her mother rejected her. This happened because Ruuxa was the only child her mother conceived.

Apparently, when a female leopard gives birth and there is only one fertilization or only one of the cubs survives, she rejects it for reasons as yet unknown.

Ruuxa’s rejection by her mother saddened zookeepers and other zoo workers. , who decided that it would not be good for Ruuxa to be raised alone, without a family.

Looking for a partner for Ruuxa

They thought about what kind of animal could get along with a leopard , since, if it was another wild animal, they could fight, while if it was very docile, Ruuxa could feed its aggressiveness when growing up because it felt superior to its companion.

Someone had the excellent idea of ​​raising Ruuxa with a dog . The idea was not immediately accepted, as hearing “a leopard and a dog became friends” was somewhat…shocking. But the more they thought about it, the better the idea seemed.

On the one hand, both species are playful. . They like to run, jump, roll on the floor and even have things thrown at them.

both are loyal animals . Cats that live in their natural habitat would die for their leader.

Both species need a leader and if they see another just like you, there would be no problem.

Lastly, neither would want to dominate the other .

It was just perfect!

Ruuxa and Raina, a leopard and a dog, became friends

Now all I had to do was choose the dog. The caregivers thought that, since Ruuxa was female, it would be better if the dog that was to be raised with her was also female. . They should be about the same age and the same size when they grow up. All of this influenced the choice of Ruuxa’s new partner. And so began the story of a leopard and a dog who became friends.

Soon they brought Raina, Ruuxa’s new friend, who would come to be like a sister . both were  treated as if they were offspring of the same mother. They took a bottle at the same time and together, rested and slept in the same bed and drank from the same bowl of water.

growing together

Soon the two began to grow up and play together. They threw themselves one on top of the other, bit each other as a joke, ran… But it was all a joke and as soon as they went to bed they slept together, like two bloody sisters. There was such a special and incredible connection between the two who became friends, Ruuxa and Raina .

The months passed and, despite the fear that some had that Ruuxa would awaken her wild side and they would have to separate her from Rina, this never happened. . It seems they see themselves as blood sisters, incapable of hurting themselves. Everything, so far, suggests that Ruuxa and Raina have been together for a long, long time.

Here is the proof. We leave the video for you to meet Ruuxa and Raina. They are proof that love doesn’t have the limits we want to set. If two animals know this, what excuse do people have for being racist and harboring prejudices in our hearts?

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