A Bitch Enters A Half Marathon And Takes 7th Place

A bitch enters a half marathon and takes 7th place

Dogs never cease to amaze us and increasingly give us new stories to tell. This is the case of Ludivine, a bitch who did something exceptional, entered a half marathon! Has she completed the course? We’re sure you’ll love seeing this little dog’s adventure, so we’ll tell you this story.

What is a half marathon?

half marathon

Author: Eduardo Millo

It’s a physical endurance test for which runners have prepared for months and even years. It is different from a marathon only in the distance covered. In a full marathon, 42 kilometers or 26.2 miles are covered, whereas in a half marathon, only half.

Half marathons can be standalone or they can form part of a full marathon. Participants can join in half, although they will take an alternative route, but which will reach the corresponding 13.1 miles or 21 kilometers. Obviously they don’t have the same prizes as those who run the full marathon as an option, as they scored independently.

On the other hand, half marathons that are part of full marathons make them more influx of people, making the situation a little more uncomfortable. While we’re talking about it, if you ever want to run a marathon without a lot of crowds, choose a full marathon without the option of a half marathon.

Ludivine and his half marathon infiltration

Of course, when we talk about participants in a half marathon, we are referring to people. What no one could imagine is that a dog would ever dare to participate in one. But what would have motivated this little dog to participate in one?

Ludivine is a crossbred dog with a hunting breed. She is two and a half years old and has a lot of energy, as she demonstrated. Her owner always takes her to her garden so she can take care of her needs, but that day, Ludivine saw something that caught her attention.

His owner couldn’t imagine it, but Ludivine had a better plan than just letting someone see her doing her business. The bitch noticed how a large group of people were walking quickly, she didn’t know where, but something inside her made the bitch join the group.

Ludivine couldn’t imagine what she was getting into, but it was none other than the Trackless Train Trek Half Marathon, from Elkmont (Alabama), which was held in January of this year.

We have no idea how Ludivine did it, but she knew perfectly well to put herself on the starting line and didn’t move until she heard the “Go! ”. 

And not only that, the dog managed to finish the half marathon, the 13.1 miles in almost record time: in 1 hour, 32 minutes and 56 seconds, finishing in seventh place. And that’s not to mention that, as stated by some runners, Ludivine stopped on the way several times to sniff a dead rabbit, to investigate a stream, and on another occasion, when they thought she had disappeared, the little dog was possibly looking for some intimacy to do your needs.

its owner’s amazement

half marathon

What is certain is that if the bitch hadn’t made those stops, it’s possible that Ludivine would have won the half marathon by far compared to all the other runners.

Its owner could not hide her amazement. When she saw how Ludivine joined the half marathon, she worried a little that the commotion of the people might have scared the bitch and thought the bitch might run off somewhere and suffer some harm. But when the owner saw how at ease she was, she let the bitch free and followed her to the finish line to see what she was doing. And, right there, the owner waited for the dog.

“I never thought Ludivine would finish the race, she’s too lazy,” said the owner.

As lazy as she is, the bitch almost comes in first. Without a doubt, Ludivine taught us a lesson. Perseverance and the desire to do something bring out the best in us, making us develop qualities that we believed to be non-existent. Bravo Ludivine! And thank you…

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