9 Tips To Take Your Dog For A Walk With Ease

9 tips to take your dog for a walk with ease

Enjoying and sharing should be the words that best define the action of taking your dog for a walk.

But often , going out with your pet can become almost a nightmare . It happens when the animal pulls the leash, jumps over people walking nearby or tries to fight the dogs it crosses on the street.

Next, we’ll talk about the measures you should put in place to avoid these problems and be able to enjoy the ride with your four-legged friend.

Some tips to take your dog for a walk with ease

If your dog doesn’t behave properly when taking him for a walk, it’s not his fault. You are responsible for socializing him and teaching him the behaviors he should follow. At the time of the tour, your pet You must understand that you are the one who sets the rules.

Remember that this activity is something your dog needs, not only to do his physiological needs, but also to be to exercise and being able to relate to the surroundings, far from the limits of home.

However, with a lot of patience and with coherent and concrete rules, for sure, the two of them will be able to enjoy a stressful, pleasant and fun outing.

1. Avoid anxiety

dog walking

Many dogs are anxious when they know that the time to go for a walk is approaching. So don’t put the collar on until he’s calmed down. Try to keep him calm before walking out the door. Stop walking if he shows you he’s impatient And you have to get out before him. It must be clear that you will lead the way and not him.

In the street, if he demonstrates that he intends to run by almost dragging you across the ground and pulling the collar, you must stop walking until he calms down . You should do the same if he is aggressive with other dogs or people on the street while walking.

You should also pay close attention so that the dog does not have contact with dangerous substances or aggressive animals, which could end up triggering a fight and injuring the animals involved. Therefore, pay extra attention!

2. Organize different activities

If the environment allows, the ideal is alternate the walk with moments of games with your pet.

And, as training should be an everyday thing, use the occasion to reinforce what has already been learned and teach new orders.

Another option is to use this time for you to exercise too and, in addition to walking, choose to run or do some exercise routine with your pet.

3. Just let him be a dog

The walk allows your pet to not only burn energy and relax, but it allows him to develop the dog’s instincts:

  • Mark territory;
  • Track distinct smells;
  • Relating to other dogs;

So, give him time to develop these “canine moments” during the tour as well.

4. Dedicate enough time to the tours

Within its possibilities, the ideal is take your pet for a walk at least three times a day.

Keep in mind that a long walk before you leave for work can be synonymous with a relaxed dog that won’t get bored or destroy things from your house when you are alone.

He will most likely sleep much of the time when you or your family are not at home.

5. Prefer collars that are not too long

This way you will be able to better control unforeseen situations such as confrontations with other dogs or that he tries to attack other people.

6. Be calm and secure

You must get your pet to understand that you are dominating the situation so that he doesn’t decide to dominate the situation.

7. Reward your dog

To highlight good behavior during the tour, reward him with caresses, compliments or a treat.

8.Avoid the most extreme temperature hours

Both in summer and winter we should avoid going out at times when the weather is less favorable.

9. Keep the same hours

This can be applied to both food and tours. So you’ll be able to synchronize the outputs with the moment of need. Also remember to take the necessary elements to be able to collect the feces.

Happy pet and owner at the time of the ride
Using patience and dedication , for sure, you will be able to enjoy the dedicated moments to take your dog for a walk, which will contribute to both the owner and the animal, keep in good shape, both physically and mentally.

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