7 Things To Consider When Rescuing A Cat Or Dog

When deciding to rescue a cat or dog, it is essential to be physically and mentally prepared for this moment and know how to act to provide effective and safe assistance.
7 things to consider when rescuing a cat or dog

The presence of animals on the streets is a sad reality in our times and, unfortunately, the number of abandoned animals is still growing. We can all find an animal that needs immediate help, and at that point it’s essential to know what to do when rescuing a cat or dog.

7 important tips for rescuing a cat or dog

The first thing to keep in mind is that a rescue will never be a 100% predictable experience. Each animal has its own personality and can react in different ways to the manipulation attempt.

In addition, we must consider that the dog or cat may be in pain or have had negative experiences with other people.

Next, we’ll summarize seven aspects that every person should consider when rescuing a cat or dog.

1. Stay calm and be patient

As rescue is not a predictable experience, it  will be necessary to remain calm so as not to bring an extra dose of stress to the situation. Most likely, the cat or dog will be afraid to approach, so patience will be critical during the rescue.

The ideal is to attract the animal with food or treats to encourage it to gain confidence, little by little, to get closer. If the animal is weakened, we should approach it slowly, without making quick or sudden movements, and keep a calm tone of voice.

2. Obtain or improvise a carrier

When the dog or cat has gained some confidence, it will be time to remove it from the unhealthy environment. For this,  the ideal is to have a transport box or a cage that allows you to transport it safely.

Carrying box to rescue a cat or dog

If we are currently unable to obtain this accessory, we can use a cardboard box or other firm container that can support the animal’s weight. In more urgent cases, you can simply wrap the animal in a towel, blanket or piece of clothing to quickly transport it to the veterinary clinic.

Remember that your pet’s life can depend on immediate action and there will not always be time to look for a shipping crate. The important thing is to act and remove him from the environment that threatens his well-being.

3. Take him to the vet as soon as possible

On the streets, animals are exposed to a multitude of pathogenic microorganisms, dirt, fights, contaminated food and other risks to their health. Therefore, when rescuing an abandoned or lost cat or dog, it is essential to take it to the vet as soon as possible.

What to do when rescuing a cat or dog

If the possibility exists, the ideal is to transport the animal directly to the clinic or hospital after the rescue. In addition to examining you and ordering some tests to check your health status, the veterinarian will also advise you on vaccinations and deworming.

4. A makeshift house

The rescued animal will be weak and exhausted, so it  will need to rest and feed to regain strength and energy. It is most practical and recommended that the rescuer himself provide a temporary home for the animal, as he or she knows its situation perfectly.

Dog abandoned and rescued

If it is not possible to keep the cat or dog, it  will be necessary to find a temporary home. For this, you can consult your friends, post on social networks (there are groups dedicated exclusively to animal rescue) or go directly to a protector.

5. Give water and food

In addition to preparing a bed or crib where he can rest, you will also  need to provide water and food for the rescued dog or cat. If, at the moment in question, you do not have commercial feed, you can prepare a homemade recipe with rice, chicken or meat, and vegetables such as carrots, for example.

Street cat

It is possible that the animal may take a while to start eating because it is in a completely unfamiliar environment. We should not force him to eat, but wait until he adapts to his new environment and feels safe to eat.

6. Find out if the cat or dog has an owner

When rescuing a cat or dog, we must consider that it may have been lost, and not necessarily abandoned. Eventually, animals can escape from their homes and not return, so they end up wandering the streets.

dog running away from home

Before making the decision to keep the rescued cat or dog or put it up for adoption, it  will be essential to try to find its owners. If the animal has been lost, surely your family misses it and is looking for it.

7. Find a responsible owner

If the rescued cat or dog doesn’t have a family waiting for him,  the last step in his rescue will be to find a new home for him. If your decision is to stay with the animal, then it is time to prepare your house to provide ideal conditions for its physical and mental development.

dog adoption

If you have decided to put your pet up for adoption, remember to choose a responsible owner who is committed to taking care of it. It is also possible to ask protection and rescue centers for help in finding a family that will give you the necessary care and dedication.

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